Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here piggy.

We have a confirmed case of the swine flu at our school. One student has tested positive so the CDC has closed our school effective immediately and until they give us the all clear. The student is feeling better so being off work for a couple of days is okay with me. I would feel guilty being happy about the closure if the kid was not recovering but since the student is getting better - Woo Hoo! I'm always grateful for a day off!

I really needed today off, too. I'm getting out The Eat-Clean Diet book and making my shopping list. My house is empty of good, clean food. You can't make good choices if you don't have the right food to choose from.

Make it a great day. If you are around lots of people today, take caution. Wash your hands and drink lots of water!


  1. Enjoy your time off! Glad to hear the student is doing well.

    I just don't know. In some cases, this all feels like an over-reaction. Better safe than sorry, however.

  2. I kind of feel the same way as Roxie, but may be they know more than they are telling us...I'll be taking every precaution as well.

    Great book, and the perfect thing to do for you today!! That author, Tosca Reno, is very inspiring. one thing i have found with the clean eating, is that once you get the staples, and get in the habit of replacing the perishables, you almost always have all of the ingredients on had for any dish...or at the very least, good substitutes.

  3. I work at a school in Arizona. I am just waiting for a case. It's probably just a matter of time. They have one case in Phoenix school district. I am sure it will head east. Enjoy your day off. Glad the kid is doing ok. I'm with Roxie too, kind of over kill, but better safe then sorry.

  4. Havce you seen Tosca Reno on the shows talking about Kirstie Alley's weight gain? :) My coworker's grandson has one of the cases of the swine flu in Sacramento. But so far it hasn't resulted in me getting a day off. Darn. :) (This kid is also definitely on the mend.)

  5. Time off is always a good thing. Glad that the kid is recovering nicely from the H1N1 virus. We, here in Iowa, are not supposed to call it Swine Flu. More pigs than people in Iowa, I'm told. We're new to the state. :) And while I am taking the necessary precautions (as I would with any flu) I'm not overly frightened. The head of the World Health Org. really overstated it when she said "All Humanity is at risk". Now that's a bit much, I think.

    So for now, I'll just go on living life as usual. Enjoy your day off!

  6. Excellent plan for your unexpected day off. ::High Fives::

  7. Glad you have the day off and glad to hear the student is recovering. Great day to read a book and do some "clean" shopping. :-)

  8. I also did my clean shopping today. Back to basics tomorrow... I've been slacking lately.

  9. Nice to have a day off and good that the kid is recovering.

    That book sounds most interesting...

  10. it is scary huh? and in a way I fear Im too swineflu laid back (always wash hands a bunch with dogs and toddler) and then I start seeing more cases CLOSER to home and being to wonder if Im UNDERreacting.

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