Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glad that's over!

It's over! Hallelujah! If you read my blog you might remember me mentioning how stressed out I've been for the last few weeks over the planning and organizing of taking 120 students to a fine arts festival. The festival was held in town this year so travel wasn't too much trouble to plan. However, the fact that it was in town made parent's think they could pick up their kid whenever they felt like it. For safety reasons that wasn't possible so some of the parent's were a little miffed, but they got over it. Thank goodness the thing only runs from Thursday to Saturday!

Last week was shear craziness and it all ended Saturday around 2 pm when the last kid was picked up by their parent. Everything went pretty smoothly. Just a few kinks like a kid who didn't remember what time we were leaving on Thursday night so his bus was an hour late in returning to the school. He'll never live that one down! Naturally, some of the faculty involved had some complaints about things and they tried to take over (since they know so much more than me about these festivals, ha) but I'm a go with the flow kinda gal so, whatever. As long as everybody's happy, right?!

Eating was less than clean during this high stress time. I didn't really overeat, just ate crappy. This is a new thing for me, not overeating. Usually when I'm stressed I find a way to sneak off with a dozen donuts and cram them into my mouth. This time, I did eat more sugar than I would have liked but I think the damage is recoverable (is that a word?).

I have missed blogging and reading your blogs! If you are new to my blog I want to say welcome! And thanks for reading! I really love it that you're here and I look forward to reading your blogs this week.
Today, I'm vegging out with some movies and resting up for the work week. Gotta get back in the saddle and ride this thing out. I've got pounds to lose!

Have a super Sunday, take a nap, got for a walk, and drink that water!!


  1. Glad your festival trip went well, and well done on not overeating. You may have eaten less than stellar foods, but not overeating is big.

  2. So glad for you that the festival is over. LOL :-) Sounds like you did pretty good in a high stress situation. Welcome back too!

  3. woohoo a well needed and diserved rest today I think!


  4. Planning for special event things like that gives me an eye twitch every time. Whew - bet you're glad that's over!

  5. Glad to hear that your stress is over. Course, you know there will be something else in the future. Just hope it's not in the near future.

  6. Glad you made it through the super-stresses without a meltdown! Enjoy your recovery!