Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Don't Buy 'Em

Last week I felt like my hormones were trying to screw with me. Like taking away my patience and giving me uncontrollable cravings for sweets and bread. Gaahhh. I hate that. Enough already with the hormones. At my age shouldn't it all just come to a halt?

Anyway, while at the store on Friday, I bought a bag of iced animal cookies. Yep. I bought them thinking "just a few will be all I'll want and then I'll pass the bag onto someone else." Yeah, right. That bag is history. Dang. If I just hadn't bought them. Who knew they would taste like nectar from the sugar-gods. I could feel my joints getting stiffer with every bite. (I know, in the pic they aren't iced, that's cause I ate them all!)

The only saving grace for me was that I did ride my bike this weekend. I love my bike and I like to think she loves me. :) I think of her like a trusty steed waiting for her ride everyday. She needs her exercise, too, ya know. (Is that weird? Who cares!)

Happy Monday, folks! Hope your week is full of goodness. Drink lots of water and try a new veggie!

ps - Thanks for all the nice comments about my picture yesterday. I will be sharing more!


  1. I have a love affair with my bike, too! I also try to remember what someone once told me: "It all starts in the grocery cart!"

    Hoping for a great week for us BOTH!

  2. I also have big plans for eating "just one or two" and then tossing the package of whatever. Why does that never work out?? :)

  3. I do that a lot. I'll just have a few and get rid of the rest. It never seems to work. oh wel....

  4. I sometimes have to play, "What If I Was Being Filmed?" when I'm grocery shopping. I check out my cart for anything that might be embarrassing if 60 Minutes or Dateline ever decided to do an expose on fitness bloggers. :)

    It's behind you now. Moving on...

  5. Yup, been there and done that . . . there are some things that I just can't have in the house!

  6. The scary thing about those "tiny" cookies is they go down so easy...then before you know it, they are all gone! Where did they go??? Uh oh.

    I get the joint pain thing from corn (popcorn, etc) but I love it.

    Good for your for riding your bike so consistently. Have you given her (the bike) a name?

  7. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Everytime I read it I relate to what you have to say. It is amazing!

    The process I go through when I buy something I shouldn't... it is so complex- but so emotionally young. I rationalize, make excuses, promises, and I know underneath it all that I am full of shit.

    Have I told you that I love what you have to say?? Twice??

  8. woot! biker bum! :)

    just catching up on ya! Keep it up chicky!! even if you eat iced animal crackers.

  9. So with you on the hormones! Definitely enough.
    Glad the two of you got to get out and hit the road. Hope your joints are feeling better.