Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free-for-all bloat

After my free-for-all at Central Market yesterday, I got on the scale this morning and I'm up a pound. My last weigh-in was 255.2 lbs, just .2 of a pound away from the 30 lb mark! Dang! I knew I should have waited until tomorrow to weigh so I could give my system a chance to recover from all the junk I ate yesterday. Even with riding 10 miles I gained.

This is why they say not weigh yourself every freakin' day. It just sets you up for disappointment and makes you obsessed with the number. I feel thinner today, not heavier. I didn't drink all my water yesterday (I know?! And I'm always pushing the stuff!) so that may have added to the bloat. And that's what I think this is, water retention, cause I know I didn't eat that much while going through the store.

Anyway, enough about that. I watched Australia last night and swooned over Hugh the whole 2 hours and 45 minutes. I liked the movie, and even though some parts were hokey and pokey, it is a "feel good" piece of work. The photography was awesome, the cultural tidbits were interesting, and Hugh was sexy. What more could a girl want?

Today, I think I'll watch my carbs, eat my veggies, and drink lots of water. Knitting sounds like a good idea, too.

Have a great day and stay hydrated!


  1. Man, I know what you mean about the pitfalls of weighing in every morning. I had a good eating day yesterday with good exercise and the number on the scale this morning was exactly the same as yesterday. It just kind of gets me starting the day in a sort of pissed off funk. So, I think I'm going to pull some self control and not weigh in again until Monday morning. Like you, I feel skinnier today so why let a little mysterious water retention put a damper on such a beautiful spring day?

    Will have to put Australia on the ol' netflix list.

  2. Sometimes it is harder to practice what we preach than it is to preach it :o)

    So glad you enjoyed that movie. I haven't seen it yet but will give it a try.

  3. Lee and Deborah speak the truth.

    Hope the rest of your break is wonderful!

  4. Good work though - even with a near miss! :) You must really feel great - 30lbs! talking about Central Market... I love it there when I am in the US! I could wander in any of theri locations for HOURS! and do.


  5. Id love to get all peeps to shove their scales in the garage and yank em out and dust them off at MOST once a month :)


  6. When you feel good and are doing well on a diet it feels natural to get on the scale every day. It's that instant gratification I want to reward myself for the hard work. Then the scale doesn't move or moves upward. Hang in there. It's just a number and it will be better the next time, I'm sure.

    As far as Australia and Hugh Jackman? HAVE. MERCY. Was there any dialogue in that film? I don't remember. :)

  7. Hi Tena...
    Mac & Jack's is a brewery here in Redmond, WA, and they make an African Amber ale which is so delicious. I guess as I was posting, it didn't occur to me that not everyone in the world knows about our tiny brewery. lol! Sometimes I'm just oblivious. :-)

    We watched Australia last weekend and it was so good. It did take me a while to get accustomed to the accents, so we had to run it back a few times to pick up on some of the dialogue. I agree that Hugh was wonderful and that little boy was an amazing, adorable actor. Nicole is also a great actress but I do think she has overdone the botox.

    There is no way a few extra bites at Central Market would have caused you to gain a's definitely water retention.

  8. Yep, that scale will drive you nuts if you let it. Good for you for refusing to give in to it. (Besides, that silly pound is probably gone now. Er, don't got check, just take my word for it.*g*)