Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moody Blues

I feel like crying today. I don't even know why. Sad and moody. I have nothing bright and cheery here today folks. Sorry.

I feel stifled and stuck. Bored and tired. Wish I could go home and just veg out.

Maybe I need...don't know what I need. Work is so damn boring. It gives me only a paycheck.


  1. Awww :-( I'm so sorry you are having one of these days. I've had a few myself over the last couple of weeks. I wouldn't normally advocate this but here's an idea. When you get off work today, do 1 20 min session in a tanning bed (put sunscreen on). You will get some fake sunshine, it will warm you right up and you will get a 20 min nap.
    If all else fails, take a look at your son and remember if it weren't for you...his incredible mother..he would not be here. Hugs.

  2. Oh Tena...I am sorry that you feel like that. I hate it when I feel like that. Which is alot more now then when I was, say 40. Feel it, kick it's ass and then tell me how you did it, cause I sure hell don't know good thoughts your way....feel the energy, I knew you would!

  3. I feel ya. I'm having one of those days myself. I'm going to go for a walk and try to distract myself and hope that something happens to brighten me up. As with all things, this too shall pass.

    One of my "perfectionist" tendencies is to think that everyday should be sunshine, unicorns and rainbows. I need to get over that. Some days just suck and the best you(me) can do is just get through them without doing lasting damage.

    Hang tough and try to think of something to look forward to. Tell me what your perfect Saturday would be like?

  4. Maybe there is something you can look forward to after work? Do you like flowers? Maybe you can buy a pretty plant to put on a window ledge in your house or somewhere outside your house...

    Even bike riding cowgirls get the blues...but they soon are back to kicking butt.

  5. I'm sorry you feel that way! I hope it blows over... I had a major emotional meltdown today, cried for hours, and now feel much better. Cleansed.

  6. I hate those blues! I am having similar feelings this week...and had a major melt down at work today. Think I'll try some of the comments suggested here. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  7. Oooh, so sorry for the serious case of blues! I hope things turned around today for you. If not, maybe you could sit down and make a list of all the things that make you happy?