Monday, March 9, 2009

Eating is not...cont'd

In my last post I talked about how eating on the weekend has been a free-for-all for me for most of my life. For some reason I always think that when the weekend rolls around it is time to take a "mini-vacation" from eating right and indulge in eating wrong from Friday night until Sunday night.

I've been pondering my own post since Saturday and it's really got me thinking. Roxie, over at gravel_and_rust, has some good views on the subject so go on over and read her "Weekend Warrior" post. She's listed some great things that keep her from making unhealthy choices during the less structured weekend hours. Love it, Roxie!

When I think about it, there are probably many reasons why food became so important to me on the weekend. My dad had my brother and me every other weekend and we got to choose where we got to eat out. He was living in a hotel when they first divorced so he couldn't cook anything. We would hit IHOP for breakfast and then Burger King for lunch. Dinner was along the same lines. It was a fun time and we spent good time together - over food. At home we couldn't afford to eat out so going to see dad on his weekends was a real treat.

We all have our stuff, don't we? It really doesn't matter "why" my head thinks the weekend should be a food party. It matters that I want to change how my head thinks about food. It is not a reward. It is a means to meet my vital needs. That doesn't mean it can't taste good or be something to look forward to enjoying, it just means it should not be used to fill some other need.

I will be working on my own plan of action to change my mind about weekend eating. I like Roxie's list and some of the ideas you guys have shared. Y'all are the best!

Make sure your vital needs are being met! Drink your water and get some sunshine. Oh, and welcome Spring!


  1. Yeah. I can relate to the weekend thing. My issues revolve around nights, and now that I am back in school, paper writing... I guess it is just about... well. I have such an issue with the night eating and there is so much surrounding it... I guess it has to do with structure... but much more than that...

    I am drifting off into through, your posts about the weekend have brought up a some other ideas. Thanks for the posts!

  2. I am usually "good" during the week, and also during the day on the weekends...then Friday and Saturday nights we end up ordering in pizza or going out to eat, and drinking, etc. You're right, I tend to think I "deserve" this break. I guess I do deserve a break but I could still eat in moderation rather than go nuts.

    I'm a big "list" freak, so maybe it would help to make a list to keep me on track on the weekend nights.

    Thanks for your blog, I truly appreciate your thoughtful posts as well as your nice comments on my blog.

  3. Thanks for starting me thinking about this topic. I liked Roxie's list and need to put together my own. I also liked one of the comments on your prior post about indulging in some food items that are low-cal, but decadent (like scallops). It's all about changing our mindset!!

    My one tip in this area is I used to have to buy a treat at the grocery store whenever I did grocery shopping (it often used to be oreos - which I could polish off in no time!). Now I make it a non-food treat - a magazine, a bottle of nail polish, some holiday knick knack and once in a while a CD or DVD from the bargain bin. That doesn't help with the whole weekend vacation, but it does cut down on those entire packages of oreos eaten in one sitting!

  4. You'll figure it out. You've already got a good start!