Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Get to work!

Sunday was good for my last day of break. I finished taking down some lighthouse decals that I had used as a border in my kitchen. I was really sick of them and I'll never get into a "theme" mode again, I swear. My mom cooked some of Mizfit's Mishmashed Almost 'Cakes (scroll down her post for the recipe). She loves the recipe and loves the Miz' wit! If you haven't tried the recipe, give it a whirl (you'll get it when you see how they're made, lol). We also made some nice roasted veggies for dinner. Overall, the week was a welcomed bit of time off.

Monday was crazy with a capital K. My boss didn't even ask how my break was, she jumped in with orders and questions well before 8 am. Geez. Get a life, woman. I got it all under control. :)

Anyway, I rode on Monday, but Tuesday my back was having some spasms in the low back area. I get that sometimes when I'm a) pms'ing, b) tired, c) done too much around the house stuff. I'm not sure about "a" but the other two are for sure to blame. I took some meds and I'll be fine tomorrow. This is what happens when you let your core get flabby. Listen up, girls, work your core!! Can you tell I just finished watching Biggest Loser?!

Carla of Mizfit, had a great Tuesday post. It got me to thinking that I need to relax and listen to my body a little more instead of obsess over every bite. As long as I'm giving it my all, I'm sure my body will reward me.

Work your core, get plenty of rest...wait for it...not yet...
Drink that water!!


  1. how sweet are you to link me!
    I was popping by to let you know that I feel ya.
    the coffee creamer.
    my 'creamer' is sugarfree hotchocolate.
    splendacity and I love it.


  2. Glad you enjoyed your break and accomplished something during it too.

    I hate bosses like that.

    Hope your back is better.

  3. Thanks for sharing that recipe from MizFit. it sounds great. Will have to try it.

    Sorry about your back -- sounds painful. I hope you're riding soon...

    I ordered my bike yesterday. Very excited!

  4. I hope your back get better quickly! Maybe your boss will get into a "springy" mood soon. lol