Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time Flies

I'm enjoying the heck out of being off this week! Here I am doing what I usually do...stay up too late! I'm writing this at 2 am which is no surprise. I love to stay up late. I enjoy the peacefulness of night-time and no matter how tired I might be, I have to make myself go to bed.

So far, on my list of things to do this week, I've changed the ceiling fan pull gizmo, gone to Central Market, gone biking every day since Sunday, and planted some nice plants in my little backyard garden.

The ceiling fan thing was more complicated (naturally) than I expected so right now I disconnected it. That makes my mom happy, she doesn't like the fan on that much. She had pulled the chain right out and then we couldn't turn it off and that's why I had to change the thing in the first place. So for now, that job is off my list but I don't feel like it is complete. Oh, well, I'll get to it on a weekend.

Central Market today was like the most fun ever! I love that store for all the sampling and interesting items. I ate bread, and had coffee, and sampled a few pieces of candy (shhhh! don't tell anybody but how can you not try a few from the bulk goodies area?) We bought a lot of fruit and veggies so I came home and roasted some eggplant with onions and some broccoli. Had it with a wonderful chicken (or as Roxie calls it - $2 chicken). Simple and good, that's what I like.

Monday, I planted some tomatoes and three different kinds of peppers and some flowers in the backyard. Gardening is so relaxing and getting my hands in the dirt just feels good. Now if I can just keep the snails away!

I rode my bike for 10 miles today! After going to Central Market and sampling the goodies I felt like I needed to put in some extra mileage. My rear end wasn't even that sore! The weather was so great today, close to 80 and very little wind. I'm so thankful that the rain has stopped for now.

Well, I'm trying to keep up with you all but time flies so fast when I'm home. Diet-wise, I'm doing great but I just realized I haven't been posting my weight. I'll weigh tomorrow and see what it says.

I hope the weather is nice where you are and you have a chance to enjoy it. Drink your water and eat those veggies!


  1. Glad you're having such a nice and productive break from work!

    That 10 mile bike ride sounds great. I'd really like to try riding again . . . maybe I'll do it when the weather gets a little warmer here.

  2. I'm looking forward to getting into the garden this spring, too. Unfortunately, the ground is still frozen here!