Saturday, March 14, 2009

What are you doing for Spring Break?

I work at a private school for mostly privileged kids. They spend their Spring Break in some pretty exotic locations. That's great for them, and as bad as I hate to admit it, I guess I get a little jealous. I would love to be able to jet off to some place like Greece and spend the week looking at gorgeous men and relaxing by the sea. But I digress!

My break will be spent here at home doing some around the house handy-man chores and working in the yard, which I love doing by the way. Maybe a little shopping and cleaning out the clutter. When you work all week and try to fit in exercise and healthy eating it's hard to fit in the handy-man stuff. So this week I'm planning to get these things done:

1. Change the fan pull in a ceiling fan
2. Re-grout the tub
3. Plan some menus for the week
4. Put pictures in some frames that have been sitting around empty
5. Ride my bike everyday
6. Go through my books and donate what I don't want
7. Go to Central Market and cruise the healthy foods for inspiration
8. Go to Ikea (love this store)
9. Watch movies
10. Finish knitting a baby blanket (I started a year ago)

We'll see how much really gets done. Time flies when you're home and some days just being home is good enough. If I was wealthy and didn't have to work I don't think I'd ever get bored.

Last night we had a delicious meal from the Clean Eating magazine that is looking pretty beat up about now. We have made almost every recipe in that thing and they never disappoint us! The Lemon-Artichoke Chicken and Roasted Zucchini Fries on page 53 of the Jan/Feb 2009 issue is fantastic! Lemony goodness! We will be having that dish often.

No riding yesterday due to the wet nastiness we're having along with 40 something degrees (F) weather temps. I did the Wii Fit for some fun exercise but miss the riding. It's the only thing that makes me feel good. Walking and stepping makes my knee very unhappy.

Have a great weekend everyone! Eat your veggies and drink that water!


  1. Wow. Re-grout the tub? You're adventurous Tena!! I'd rather be in Greece gazing at natives too!

  2. Our spring break isn't for another month and it's not a break either. I'll be home with my sons trying to get things accomplished while keeping them entertained and active. Sooo much easier said than done.

    You are so lucky to be able to work outside already.

  3. Oh, it would be so nice to be able to jet off to Greece. :-) But it sounds like you're going to be very productive.

  4. Well, I will be doing some of the same during our spring break next week (work at a public school)...We are not doing anything on spring break because I have been saving to go to the beach this summer.

    Have fun next week!

  5. Great list!

    have you mad ehte chickpea turkey burgers! they were AMAZING!!


  6. I totally forgot about spring break. LOL We aren't having one this year but it sounds like yours is packed with lots of things to do. :-) I hope the weather gets better so you can get back on the bike.

  7. I like working in the yard too. Is there a better way to do squats and lunges? ;)

  8. What a great list! Some task-ish things, some fun things! Sounds like a great spring break.

  9. I so forget its even spring break!

  10. You have a wonderful spring break! Enjoy the time off and don't worry about your list. Get to what you get to and don't worry about the rest! :-)

    Happy riding!

  11. Thanks for the fun ideas! I love both Central Market and IKEA. I have to hit them up soon!

  12. I'm home all day (although not wealthy!) and believe me, I don't get bored! The days fly by!

    You have a very ambitious list there! Good luck!