Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swimming in Stress

It's a good thing that stress comes in waves at my job. I used to work for a hospice organization and after 8 years, the stress finally was too much. My job now has stress, but it only lasts a short time, say, a month or two weeks at a time. I can deal with stress better when I know the end is near! lol

Right now, though, I'm freakin' stressed. I'm in charge of coordinating 120 students that will attend an arts festival next week. My boss likes to double check everything I do, so not only do I drive myself nuts with details, she gets her foot in there, too. Sometimes I'm glad she double checks cause I'm not perfect and things do slip by me. :)

I think there might be a little pms in the air, too, which is not good considering next weeks event. I need to work on breathing in and breathing out! Today I was craving sweets like crazy. I chose to have some little chocolate covered donuts that come in a package. They were really good, and I don't feel that guilty about it. Hmmm. That's a first! Usually I'm all about the guilt and then to prove what a failure I am, I go and eat something else equally disgusting. Ya know, I don't think I will this time! Whadaya know, maybe I'm making progress in the food relationship thing. Food is not good or bad. How much I eat and how much I move or don't move is what makes my choices good or bad. Right?!

We had a big rain storm move through Houston today complete with lightening and thunder. No riding today since it looks ominous out there. I'll take tonight off and get to bed early.

Have a great evening. Don't forget to add some veggies to your plate.


  1. You forgot to the WATER! I think your post was great. I hate stress. I live a very low stress life, job included....usually. I think your right about guilt also. I think that's half the reason I over eat. I wish it would have rained and thundered here where I am at. I love some weather. It's always sunny in Arizona!

  2. Sorry you're so stressed but at least you can see the light at the end of the tunne. :o)

    Have a great weekend.

    I missed the water too...

  3. Sorry to hear about the stress!

    However, way to go. You treated yourself wtih a little snack that you thoroughly enjoyed. You managed it and you moved on (without the guilt that drives us to eat more!)! That is a huge success!!! WOO HOOO!!

  4. Food is neither good nor bad - it's all in how we think about it.

    Sorry to hear about the stress!

  5. Sorry about the stressiness! You'll get through it!

  6. A donut now and then isn't the end of the world. Certainly better than a window ledge. :)

    Hang in there! Think about how great you'll feel when the stressy event is over and was successful AND that you got through it without a nutritional breakdown!