Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cake Strategy

Yesterday, at work, some one had a birthday and of course, there was cake. These are the little things in life that used to really send me into a set-back. I'd eat the cake and then crave more cake. Then on the way home stop and get cake, take it home, and consume a huge hunk of it and proceed to eat more over the next few days until it was all gone. Needless to say, I would also just chuck the diet and eat whatever. So, cake at the office tends to create some hand wringing anxiety for me.

I went to sing happy birthday and was totally prepared to only accept a slice and then excuse myself and throw it away once back in my office (aka Plan A). Well, the cake was made by one of our co-workers who loves the cake challenge shows on the Food Network Channel. Have you seen any of those cakes? Hers was perfect. Perfectly round, 3 layers with butter creme frosting and decorated with a lovely hand-painted sunflower on top. Great. Now what, I asked myself.

Go to Plan B. Plan B is if the cake is homemade, try one bite and if it is really, really good, eat only half the piece (a small piece, btw) and only a tiny, tiny bit of the icing. Just enough icing to get a little taste. Do-able? I almost didn't trust myself with that cake. It looked like something out of Southern Living magazine, or Martha Stewart Living.

Plan B was a success. I first had a bite and determined it was worth the extra calories for the day. And I fully planned on riding my bike when I got home (which I did) and it was before lunch so I could make clean choices for a light-on-the-carbs meal.

And you know what? I was fine with that small amount of cake. I felt in control of what I was allowing myself eat. That is a first for me. I don't really know what's happening about how I view food these days, but I like it.

Food is good and I'll always enjoy it and look forward to eating yummy stuff, but it's not in control of me anymore. At least, for now, anyway. Since I have a lot more weight to lose, I still need to be careful about letting treats into my daily menu. That cake tasted incredibly good but even better was the feeling I had after eating it. I was done and ready to move on. Knowing that I could finish my day without jumping off into a pit of self-loathing, priceless.

This post seems to have a lot of I's in it. I (sorry) only hope that this helps you see your way to not allowing food to control you today. One day at a time, okay?
Take care and have a great weekend.


  1. Boy it's nice to finally be in control, eh?
    I'm very happy you've found the groove you're in.

    I remember when it would set you back too. It was a struggle for you and so this is fantastic growth.

    Way to go, Tena!

  2. Yeah! Way to go!
    Doesn't it feel so good to be in control!

  3. Good planning and execution too. Bravo!

  4. Well done! So much better to plan and fit the treats into your day than trying to resist it, feeling deprived, and then going mad because you just hate the diet! But best of all, not feeling the binge-frenzy afterwards - absolutely priceless I have to agree!

  5. good job with the cake strategy. Mine was donuts at work yesterday, somehow I stayed away from them. Hate that sugar seems to call my name everytime. Keep up the good work!

  6. Excellent NSV! Congrats for making a plan and sticking to it, even with faced with lovely, delicious, cake!

  7. Nicely done! Always smart to have a game plan.