Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Still a Girdle

I don't care what you call it these days, shapewear, assets, or spanx, it's still a girdle. Yes, these new names make it sound chic and sexy but they still squeeze the heck out of you. And when you aren't used to that, well, it's just down right uncomfortable.

Since I've lost a few pounds :D, I've been dressing a little differently. I haven't worn dresses in eons but lately I'm wanting to dress more girlie. So today I put on a dress that's been hanging in my closet for, ahem, a year or two. To help shape me a little better I put on one of those shapewear things, which is really a glorified girdle. Oh, yeah, it holds you in and smooths things out, but breathing?! That's a whole different function when your gut is being squeezed in two, lol. Anybody feel the same? I mean, I wore it to work and I swear it felt like my circulation was cut off. I kept hoping things would settle down, but as my anxiety grew, my ability to breathe was getting worse. I went to the ladies room and took that sucker off! So much for a smooth backside, at least for now. There's still too much of me, I guess, for the size shapewear I bought. Maybe I'll get a bigger size. And then, maybe not.

Yesterday was workout day. I'm having some fluid on my knee and I think it's from walking the track. So I rode the exercise bike (geez, I hate those things) instead. I may have to eliminate the leg curls, too. Darn, cartilage. I have terrible knees and they don't like high impact. They get enough of a workout just carrying me around, lol. But, I'm still loving the workouts and now that Nellie has a nice new shiny tire, we're on the road again, yay!

Have a great day and remember to drink your water. Today's tip: tight panties hurt!


  1. Oh man, I totally know what you mean. "Girdles" or whatever people want to call them, are so uncomfortable. They are hot, sweaty, and tight. I feel fatter with one on because I feel like I have another layer on my body. On the rare occasion that I wear a dress, I wear control-top panty hose with the legs cut off. That smoothes the old hiney!

  2. Heh.
    As far as I'm concerned every type of panty and bra hurts. Why?! They can go to the moon but they can't invent comfy undies? Makes no sense to me.
    Sorry to hear about your knee. Do you find it bad while riding too?
    Glad to hear you are wearing different things. A real sign of improved self esteem! Yay for you.

  3. About those knees...before my one knee replacement, and then after, my Dr. and PT both told me that any exercise that puts weight on the knees by lifting up is not good. So when you tuck the front of your ankle under the weight bar and lift the leg up, it can be harmful to already tender knee joints. They told me that lying on my stomach and putting the weight bars on my heels and lifting up to touch my butt was a much safer way to use the knee and strengthen it. Don't know if that will help, but I thought I'd pass that along. Good luck.

    P.S. Any garment that squeezes anything, doesn't not get my vote.

  4. just found your blog! Looking forward to reading more :)

    And I gotta say, I love that this was the first of your posts I read. I have recently started wearing 'shapewear' not so much to hold me in but to stop the jiggle (from firm but fat, to leaner but loose... talk about jiggly loose bits.. ick!) so yes, from experience, get the next size up! lol it may not hold you in as tight, but it will still get the job done :)

  5. Ohh yeah, I call them girdles still. No matter how they try to dress it up by giving it a new name, it's still a girdle! Sometimes I have to wear one.....but I hate every minute of it!

  6. OMG...I was *just* sitting down to write a girdle post! lol

    Sorry about your knees...that just stinks. Glad you were able to find something else to do, even though it's not your favorite.

  7. I've never worn a girdle. I tried one on once...too uncomfortable...I didn't even make it out of the house in that thing. I've been letting the fat fly every since! lol :)

  8. You didn't say what brand of shapewear you got...but spanx is definitely the best I've ever worn. You might give it a try if you haven't yet.

    I wouldn't have been able to get into my dress for hub's reunion if I hadn't had my spanx. And I was pretty comfortable even though I was "sausaged" in. :)

  9. I have a friend with super bad knees. She is getting these shots that like...replace the cartiledge in her knees. I'm not saying it right, but she is swearing by them. You should ask your doc about them.

    And those spanx things are evil. EVIL! LOL

  10. One time I got it on...went to the event, then it wouldn't stay up! Talk about having your panties in a bunch!

    They didn't last long, and I have never worn them since.

  11. I cannot wear those things either....it makes me get a sick stomach. lol And holy wow on your weight loss! WTG!!

  12. It's NOT a girdle! It's NOT! I'm not old enough to wear a girdle! :)

    Okay, I am, but still...

    I tried the spanx short pants thing and it ended up somewhere across the room. I haven't tried it on in a long time. I do wear the assets camisole and lovelovelove it. Apparently my upper happy is more shape-wear friendly. :)

  13. Girlie is nice now and then.
    Have to admit they just seem to uncomfortable to me whatever their name. All about comfort in moving and breathing ;-). My swimsuit is as close to a girdle as I'll get.
    Sorry about your knee. Hope it heals up quickly. I have learned to really like the stationary bike. Always go to the one by the window (pretend traveling outside), set it for random hills and race on.