Friday, September 4, 2009

If I had a mood ring

I shudder to think what color it would be today. Black, I'm sure. There is a low-lying funk over my head today. I'm not breathing right and I keep making a fist with my thumb all squeezed tight.
Ever feel like someone else is calling all the shots? My diet seems to be the only thing in my life these days that I have full control over. Which is a good thing, but still I'm having this melancholic mood.

I walk by and get no response.

I don't want to feel anything sometimes. It's safer that way.

I'll regret posting this, tomorrow. Maybe it's a lack of carbs, lol.


  1. I am so sorry to hear your "blue". Maybe that's the ring color, instead of black.

    Yes, sometimes I do feel like someone else is calling all the shots. IT's frustrating as HELL!

    Dont regret your post, please.

    I hope you have a suprisingly great long weekend! I will be thinking about you, sending good thoughts your way

  2. I was feeling kinda touchy earlier today and then I went on a bike ride. Made a huge difference in my mood.

    You are the boss of you.

  3. There's a full moon ... I think that's contributing to some downer moods (I'm in the same boat).

  4. Never have regrets! Especially about things where you are being truly open and honest.

    We are all human, and we get to feel the entire spectrum of emotions - the good and the bad.

    Wow, that was so hippy of me...!

    My point is we all have those days (and yes, it coudl be the carbs haha!)

    I suggest "The Blue Day Book" by Bradley Trevor Grieve :)

  5. Tena, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling blue too :(
    You definitely aren't alone ... I'm feeling down and blah myself. I think Sherre might be right ... the full moon is making us howl a bit.
    I'm with everyone else too ... don't regret the downs ... they're all a part of who we are and by you sharing this it helps us all to know we're not alone.
    Hope you feel better as the weekend progresses ... I'll be thinking about you too.

  6. (((HUGS)))

    Sorry you are out of sorts...I have been feeling the same way lately...maybe it is the moon? Not sure but whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon for you my friend!!
    hang in there!!