Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just ask Cinderella

Shoes make the outfit, right. Cinderella knew that when her Fairy-Godmother handed her those glass slippers. Who knew that those shoes would open up a whole new life for her?! Well, where is my Fairy-Godmother? I need some new shoes.

Since I've lost some weight, my interest in fashion has awakened. I want to wear dresses and cute things and put on my jewelry.  I've gone so many years wearing clothes that helped me blend in to the nothingingness that I felt about myself. Now that I'm more accepting of what I see and am becoming, I want to dress like it. So last week I bought a dress that I thought I couldn't live without. It's in my colors, browns and reds and oranges, and it's dressy or casual, depending on shoes and accessories. I love it and can't wait to wear it. The problem is that I have no shoes to wear with it.

Back in the day, I wore only heels. From 2 to 4 inch, stacked, wedged, and stilletto. I loved wearing them. They made my legs look good and they made me feel sexy. They went with everything, too. But when I started putting on weight, the heels had to go. At 140 lbs, heels are great, at 280+, heels are a death sentence. Seriously, you can hurt yourself in heels if you're a hefty girl. I'm not ready for stilletto's yet (and may not ever wear them again, but we'll see) but something that resembles a heel will be a nice change.

Besides height of the heel, another issue I have with shoes is getting them to fit. My feet are as sensitive as the Princess in the story of the Princess and the Pea. If one little part of my foot gets rubbed too much or gets touched in the wrong spot, there are blisters, redness, and pain beyond belief. And my big toes don't like confinement. They like wide open spaces and fresh air and when they don't get it, they let me know it. But for the sake of fashion, they are going to have to adapt, lol.

Sometime back in a blog post, I listed some things that I wanted to lose weight for and one of those things was to be able to wear sexy shoes. I don't think I'm ready for sexy shoes yet, but a little higher heel will do me for now. The sexy shoes will come later. Oh, yes. We will be having at least one pair of those!

So, I'm in the market for some cute shoes. I really like boots, and when the weather gets a little cooler, I will be shopping for some. My new dress will look great with boots! If you see a pair of shoes that you think might work for me, let me know. The shopping and trying on part is painful for me. I really do wish my Fairy-Godmother would just leave them on my doorstep.

Have a great week, and don't forget to drink your water.


  1. Oh I miss sexy shoes too.
    I wore heels and dresses all the time when I was younger so I can really relate to this post, Tena.
    I miss being feminine and pretty and dolled up too.

    I want that pair of shoes in the pic!

  2. I love shoes, but now I'm all about comfort (and I think it has as much to do with age as weight). I LOVE Zappos.com -- you can order and try on and wear a bit at home. They pay the shipping both ways, and returns are easy peasy. Love the new dress.

  3. Darling dress! I'm so happy to hear how much you are enjoying being a girl :-) I'm all about the shoes - I'll keep my eyes open.

  4. PSSSS - Your self-confidence is showing!

  5. what Roxie said :)

    and what sherre said.
    I ADORE zappos (too much methinks) and *adore* how upbeat positive and selfloving this post is as well.


  6. I love shoes too, and like you have found heels are a LOT more comfortable to wear again now that I'm somewhat lighter.

    I love aerosoles . . . really comfortable. I have no idea if these are to your taste, but I love 'em!