Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Have Liftoff!

Well, the mood has lifted. Thanks to all the love and support from you guys! I felt better with each comment I read. What an amazing bunch you ALL are. I think it was the moon!

I went for a ride yesterday when I got home. The weather has been really nice lately. Sorta on the fall-ish side. At least for the Houston area, it feels fall-ish. Lower humidity is a joy. Anyway, I was determined to ride like heck so I gave it my all. I rode for almost 11 miles and my average speed was 12.3 mph! That is an all time high for me! It wasn't even that hard to keep my speed up. My legs are getting much stronger and it feels great. And I must say, they're looking pretty athletic :D

Today is house cleaning day, whoopee! I do like a clean house, just wish I could blink and it would be done. Tomorrow my aunt, whom I haven't seen in at least 25 years will be coming over to visit. My mom is on a quest to see some of the family that we've been out of touch with for awhile. We used to be such a close family with all the relatives but when my grandparents died, it's like everyone just went their seperate ways. I think it will be nice to see her. I'm looking forward to it.

On another note, this morning my mom decided to change out some photos on the fridge. She put up a picture of me from Christmas a few years ago where I look like I have 4 chins and resemble the fat lady at the circus. In the picture I'm making scones (a tradition on Christmas morning) and I'm wearing a bright red shirt. It's hideous. She seemed to think I looked beautiful. Whaaaaat? I usually just let her have her way, but I told her I wanted her to take the picture off the fridge and burn it. That I felt like she was being cruel by putting it up there and saying I looked beautiful. She said she thought I was being mean. Maybe I did overreact but I sometimes feel like she "wants" me to lose this weight, but she also "doesn't want" me to lose this weight. She has started to make goodies again and some nights she makes things with breading and/or pasta. The very things she knows I'm trying to cut down on. I feel a sabotage in the works. But this time, it won't happen. This time I'm the boss of me. Thanks, Lee, for reminding me of that!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks again for being such a loving group. I'm sending hugs to you all today! And don't forget to drink your water ;)


  1. Hi Tena,
    I missed your black mood yesterday. In my own!
    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better today.:)
    I am amazed at your biking. It's awesome! Good for you.
    I'm leaving the computer behind for a few days...I've got some stuff to figure and do...
    Take care!

  2. Glad the storm clouds have cleared out. I think the "fat" photos affect us waaaaay more than they probably should (and we def look worse to ourselves than I think we do to others). But I can't blame you for not wanting to see it displayed. Give her a new shot to replace it!

  3. Glad the bad mood has vanished. Nothing like a good ride to lift the spirits. I love cycling but have neglected my bike this you're a great example and inspiration to gear up and get back on the bike.
    If you want a inspiring wt loss and cycling book check out "Heft On Wheels" Incredible. (link on my blog)
    I understand about the photo. A couple of wks ago I was at a ball game and saw myself on the JUMBO-Tron. What an eye opener. I was also wearing red. Posted a picture later on my blog as my "before" pic. Good Idea to give your mom a more recent photo

  4. I missed the post on the bad mood....sorry! I'm glad you set a new record on the bike...I know that felt fantastic! Very proud of you....every fat pic I find of myself gets shredded and thrown in the trash, lol. I guess I need to keep a couple for "before" shots when I finally reach my goal. Truth is...I really don't want to be reminded. :)

  5. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! And so impressed with your bike ride! yea! I bet that helped cheer you up too!
    I know how you feel about "before" photos! I have one my daughter gave me of me holding my little grandaughter when I was 60lbs heavier. She framed it for me to hang! Are you kidding me!?! I did finally hang it up. Sometimes I need a reminder of how far I've come!

  6. Glad you're feeling better?

    Is it possible you mother sees only YOU in the photo, and not your size? Just a thought. Maybe you could give her a new picture to replace it. Or to put alongside it to show your progress. (Hmm, I might put my before and after photos on MY fridge for a subtle reminder to keep the heck out of it.LOL)

  7. I actually have put "fat pictures" on the refrigerator to help me stay out of there. However, if it's not YOUR decision to put the picture there, then that puppy should be GONE!

    Your mom sounds a bit like mine...wants me to be skinny, but then cooks things I shouldn't eat. No wonder I'm in therapy! :)

    Hope you are having a nice visit with your aunt.

  8. Stop by my blog - I have a Lovely Blog Award for you!

  9. I know some people who love me but subconciously suffer envy if they think I'm making good decisions that might make me feel better. Take caution! The ones that are closest to us can be our undoing.