Monday, October 12, 2009

Ahoy! Happy Columbus Day!

Thank you, Mr. Columbus, for sailing the ocean blue to give us a holiday full of sales and time off. :D

It rained cats and dogs today but we got out anyway. Ran an errand, went to Whole Foods. I managed to get out of the store without a loaf of bread. I'm not sayin' I didn't sample the bread, I just didn't buy a loaf. I've been known to eat an entire loaf of their bread, any luscious loaf the sell, in a matter of hours. There's just nothing like a good loaf of bread. *sigh*

To keep me motivated to exercise, I signed up for another bike ride that takes place on November 7th. It's the NovemberFest Metric Century. I signed up for the 40 mile route, woo hoo! I don't have to raise money for this one, I just pay my entrance fee and that money benefits The Center, Serving Persons with Mental Retardation. They have a festival after the ride and it sounds like a fun day. Gotta keep moving!

Enjoy your week and don't forget to drink your water.


  1. I'll sigh right with you about the bread. *sigh*
    Hey pretty cool you're entering another ride!
    40 miles too ... WOWZA!
    You're rockin', Chica!

  2. 40 miles! That sounds like it would be fun!

  3. Hi Tena,
    40 miles? Wow. You are an inspiration. Good for you to take the initiative to sign up.
    Thanksgiving here isn't so much about the food like down your way. We usually have a Turkey and the usual accompaniments...However, yesterday Andrew's fam decided to have cold salads and pickles and chutneys, etc. My personal fave meal. Yumm-eee. I made a steamed Blueberry Pudding with hot buttered rum sauce for desert. A great meal.
    I was consciously thankful for my friends yesterday and your name was on the list. :)

  4. When you said "a bike ride on Nov 7" I shivered! Then I're in Texas. It's probably really nice in Texas in November.

    40 miles is a long ride...good for you.

  5. Bread.....yum.....le sigh.

    40 miles-wow! That's so cool!!