Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stressed Me - Maker of Bad Choices

I've made some bad choices over the last few days. It's the stress, I know. The fear and insecurity that takes over when I feel threatened. It drives me right into a bag of cookies, or a loaf of bread. Or dark chocolate covered almonds. Hmmmm. Carb-a-licious. Crap. Who am I? Why do I revert back to that person who didn't give a care about the food she put in her mouth?

Today I have to go to a social event for work. It's be there or be, well, there's just no other choice. It just won't look good if you don't go. We'll make small talk, which is hard for a wallflower like me, and harder when I feel pressured.

I'm going to get a grip and get back to the "eat less and move more" thing that has been working for me. Less carbs, too. They make me feel so good, but it's short lived and then the weight just doesn't budge. I'm going to be 53 in January and I hope to lose at least 25 lbs by then. With the holidays coming soon it will be tough, but I'm done with all this back-sliding stuff.

My goals for the rest of this year:

1. Eat less and make it worth it
2. Exercise 5 days a week
3. Ride in another bike ride before the end of the year
4. Do something artistic every week (for stress relief)


  1. I love #4! What a great way to do something for yourself.

  2. i understand the carbs making you feel good ... me too. If I had my way and if they didn't make me fat I'd eat them all the time.

    I agree with Lori ... #4 is a great goal to have.

    I don't think we're ever going to be perfect, Tena, but never forget that you haven't given up! Look how long you've stuck with this and you've lost 49 lbs according to your fitness pal ticker. That's huge!

    You can do 25 by Jan. 1 ...

  3. You can do this. We'll cheer you on. I somehow have missed your blog for few days. So sorry that your boss is being a dick. It is so hard to work where you hate it. Sounds like the boss is the one with the problem. I'm with Roxie, just try not to take it personally.

    Pressure, especailly work pressure is the worst. Makes me either not want to eat a thing or pig out.

    Just jump right back in with both feet!

    hugs to ya!

  4. ART! ART! ART!

    I feel you on the small talk thing. All I want to do is have deep, meaningful conversations, but there is something a little weird about talking about my latest therapy session with strangers... hahe!

  5. Creating is where it's at! Here's to being artistic.

    I think it takes a long time to change the behavior of eating under stress. Hang in there and forgive yourself.

    I like the immediate gratification of carbs but in the long run they seem best when avoided.

  6. Hello Beautiful!
    Back from my "trip around the bay", as we say here in Newfoundland. You would've loved the ocean views at this time of year. The ocean is churned to a slate gray in some areas and a deep turquoise in others. With crazy cloudy skies, it's beautiful!
    Make the most of the last days of the year. It'' give you a nice start to 2010.
    My b-day is in January too. Are you early or late?
    I was glad to see Sunday snapshots on my "to read" list when I got back!
    You know how I feel about being creative! :) Great goal.