Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Munch. Munch. Munch.

I don't know what the deal is. I just want to eat. I wish I could find something with zero calories that I could just stuff in my mouth, all day long. Munch, munch, munch. That's what I want to do. A bag of Lays is sounding mighty good and I don't even like potato chips. I think I'm having hot flashes. All of a sudden I'll feel like the room is on fire. Oh, isn't this fun?!

I've strayed from the clean eating regime and I think that's were the problem lies. Too many processed things have passed these lips lately.

We had our blood tested at work yesterday. It's something our insurance company offers us so we can have our pharmacy deductible waived. I was hoping for better numbers but compared to last years numbers, yesterday's report was much better in a few areas:

Last year:
Weight: 285
BMI: 43.1
Total Chol: 158
HDL (good chol): 34
Triglycerides: 182
LDL (bad chol): 88
Blood Sugar: 119

This year:
Weight: 236
BMI: 37
Total Chol: 183
HDL (good chol): 25
Triglycerides: 146
LDL (bad chol): 129
Blood Sugar: 94

I don't understand the whole cholesterol thing. I don't eat fried foods and I rarely use butter or the dreaded margerine. I am happy to see my blood sugar is much lower. I'm going to my doctor on Monday and will have to see what his report says. My thyroid was low last month when he did bloodwork and that may account for the elevated cholesterol. Before I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, my cholesterol was 320! Then after I started the medication, it dropped to 149.

Anyway, sorry if this bored you. I'm just trying to get healthy and it seems like it's not happening fast enough for me. So, I'm having a few special dark Hershey's Kisses right now because, well, because I want them.

Maybe I need to drink more water :D It's raining here today so no bike ride :( I hate it when that happens. I NEED to ride. I NEED to find something else to when I can't ride. Nothing else quite hits the mark.


  1. Hi Tena,
    I am with you o the munchies! Women get the crap. For me it is PMS I think. I find it really hard to sleep and that ruins "everything" this time of the month. I need to keep better records to see if it actually is a hormonal thing.
    Does the cholesterol thing run in your family? My dad is in phenomenal shape but his cholesterol is higher than it should be...Strange isn't it?
    Give me a kiss!

  2. Do I have to come down there and light a fire under your ass?

    You know how I feel about eating clean so I won't even say it :D
    (I just said it though, didn't I? See how sneaky that was?)

  3. Try Celery, no joke, its great, cause its naturally kinda salty to me I replace it with chips for like everything. and 2 stalks have 8 calories...8 Calories! its pretty awesome. I love Celery, its the one veggie I will always have in my fridge. Celery and Bell Peppers, Bell Peppers are also pretty amazing, I eat them like fruit, whole and raw, and try to move away from the Green kind. Orange are my favorites.

  4. I can identify with wanting to eat nothing but crap. As a matter of fact I'm experiencing it right now and of course it has everything to do with TOM. I agree with CrowNology. I too need to keep better track.

    On the bright side your weight and BMI decreased.

  5. Try Kim's Magic Pop. It is a grain crsip about the size of a salad plate. It is on 15 cal each. I find it at the health store.