Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Snapshots

Last night, the dinner at the boss's house was good. I spent most of my time chatting with my fav people from work, so that was nice. We had Greek food. I love Greek food and it was very good. The catering company was great. Since I didn't really take any photos today and I'm thinking about Greece, here are some pictures from my trip there (Corfu) several years ago.

Our very cute waiter.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I want to hear more about this trip, as it's the one I want to take for my 50th bday!

    I'm glad you had a good time at the dinner. I know you were having mixed feelings about it. And who doesn't love Greek food?

    Make it a good week!

  2. Yumm..greek food. Beautiful pictures, Greece is my dream vacation spot.

  3. Mmmm, Greek food & cute waiters. Glad you had a good time at the work dinner.

  4. I'm glad you had a nice time at the dinner, especially since you weren't looking forward to it.

    I hope you are doing better, keep us posted, we're here for you!