Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ah, the '70's

This is me at age 21 (I think). I thought I was fat then! That dress belonged to my then roommate, Betsy. She had less in the chest area than I did so the dress fit her differently. I thought, since it didn't fit me "right" that I must be fat.
I don't remember ever really feeling like I was thin. Or that my size or shape was acceptable. Well, maybe when my dad died. I had lost down to a size 8 (my then husband was a real food natzi). But since there was a lot of sadness going on, I only know from what other people told me that I looked really good. Not the kind of thing you focus on at a funeral. That was many years ago. I grieve for both my dad and my size 8 little black dress. Hope that doesn't sound morbid!
Anyway, I found this picture when I was cleaning out some drawers the other day. I know I can never look quite like that again, but look at my face in that picture; I think I knew I looked good. Back then I was always trying to fit into someone else's dress. Now I just want to fit into my own dress. I think I'll know when I hit a size that I can live with, too. It may not be a size 8, but it will be the right size for me.


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    I love how you put it that you want to fit into YOUR own dress!
    I have the pics too of when I was FAT. Jesus, it's so sad it's funny, isn't it?
    Tena, you're gorgeous now....probably more so. Experience adds real beauty to a woman! Think of the power we hold if only we'd claim it!

  2. Thanks, Katschi! You're sweet! I like that last sentence! Let's claim the power and be the super-women we are!