Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After...

It's Friday, there's left-over turkey & dressing and cranberry sauce in the fridge. Along with a few bites of broccoli casserole and green beans. There are even a few slices of pumpkin pie left. I didn't gorge on the food this year like I have in the past so I don't feel bad today! Go figure.

And...the day was very relaxing, calm, and without any upsetting events. Yes, Carla, it was a little sad. To think that some folks let money rule them is very sad to me. But whatever, on to brighter days!!

I am so excited! I got my "Eat-Clean Diet" book today! Just in time, too. I need to get all this sugar out of my system. Do you remember the pie I told you about last week? Well, it multiplied and now I've had more pecan pie than most of you, I'm sure. I'm feeling a little sluggish and pretty sure that's from the sugar.

I hope everybody that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a day they were thankful for. In my 50+ years I have had many, many reasons to be thankful and I know there are more to come.


  1. I'm anxious to hear if your enthusiasm (and success) for Eat Clean rivals that of other bloggers following that plan. Hope it does.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I think that any eating plan has to start with common sense and it seems as though that is the main idea with the Eat Clean plan (I love pumpkin anything and would be hard pressed to not have a little something sweet!)

    Good luck with the plan--I hope it works for you :)

  3. :0) i just got that book and it seems pretty good!!

  4. Happy to hear the T-Day went well. Tena!
    I hope you like the Eat Clean book. I lost aniother 5 lbs this week! I hope you have the same kind of siuccess with it!