Thursday, July 23, 2009

Be The Change

I've mentioned my son on occasion. He's 25, a struggling musician and college student. He's my heart beat. When he came along my whole outlook on life changed. It might sound cliche, but it's true. Before being a mom, I was reckless and did a lot of risky things with no regard for my own life. Love changes you and I'm so glad it does.

Anyway, when R was little, he liked veggies, but only liked them raw. So, we ate lots of carrots and broccoli and spinach salads. When he went to elementary school, he learned that green food was a bad thing and never touched another vegetable. Really, I had to puree the stuff and mix it in foods so he wouldn't know he was eating them. Peer pressure is a bad, bad thing.

Fortunately, R inherited some good genetic traits from ex-husband-nonpresent-parent: a great metabolism. He's been less active lately and I think he's starting to see that eating fast food and sporadic workouts are not good for the long haul.

Well, since I've been working really hard at trying to live a healthier lifestyle, R is taking notice. He told me yesterday that he wants to get off sugar added stuff, eat more veggies, and go whole grain. Did you hear that? I swear I think I heard the hallelujah choir singing just now, lol.

Kids. When you try to tell them stuff, they don't want to listen. But eventually, they reach that age where they see life with their own eyes and take it all in. I'd like to think that I played a part in helping R see that eating healthier and becoming more active is important and worth the effort. Who knows, maybe I did. But it could also be just him growing up and I'm okay with that!


  1. The two of your are gorgeous!

  2. The hair Tena! Your hair is so thick and beautiful.
    Nice pic of you and R.

    I'm sure you've been an influence. How could you not be?
    We've noticed the changes and we're out here in blogland.
    He gets to experience it firsthand.

  3. Good lookin' duo!!

    Ain't it amazin' how smart WE get as we age? We turn out to be a lot smarter than the kids gave us credit for when they were young.

    Thank goodness for that!!

  4. Wow.
    Great photo.

  5. Awesome! Kids won't listen, but they imitate, even when they're all grown up.

  6. R obviously inherited a lot of good genetic traits from YOU!

    You have to be an influence, and I know it must make you so happy to hear he wants to rise up to your healthy life-style standards!

    I want your hair.

  7. Why is it that "struggling" and "musician" always seem to go together?
    Great pics!

  8. Great pic (:
    It's great your son is coming around to a different style of eating...even if it is "on his own" ;)

  9. You are a great role model in many areas of your life for your son. Great to see that your healthy eating is affecting others!

  10. Beautiful picture...he's so handsome! I think he looks a lot like you.

    Glad he wants to start living a healthy life, it's early in his life, so this is wonderful. Maybe he will not have any of the eating/weight problems that we tend to get as we age.

  11. My boyfriend, who will NOT touch a vegetable, is slowly coming around due to my healthier eating over the last 6 weeks. OF COURSE you had something to do with it! Great job MOM!!! I'm glad he's starting to follow your lead. :)