Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fiber Therapy

Yesterday I got up early and rode my bike for one hour. I felt great after. Hung out at home, grilled some chicken and veggies (my son is interested in grilling so we did it together). I really wasn't hungry during the day, so I didn't eat much.

Today, when I woke up, I had no desire to jump up and get on my bike. I had no desire to get up at all. I just felt tired. So I slept in till about 10am. I spent the day at home just piddling around.

I finished knitting a baby blanket yesterday, too. One that was on the needles for-freakin-ever! Anyway, I decided since that project was finished, I could start my next project which is a scarf. I spent all damn day looking for pattern. Why I didn't keep it with the yarn is a mystery. I couldn't stop looking until I found it, either. I'm a little obsessive compulsive when I'm looking for something. I HAVE to find it or my mind won't shut up. So, after about 4 hours of searching, I found it. Well that was mentally exhausting, so I didn't feel like riding my bike this evening, either.

I started the scarf and I'm glad I did. It is really turning out to be soothing to my soul. There is something about the feel of the yarn and the repetitive movement that is very relaxing to me. I've missed knitting and I think I'm going to make it a regular part of my day again.

Here is what the scarf looks like right now.

This is the blanket I finished. It's not a gift or anything, I just like knitting baby things. And they are great to have on hand just in case I need a shower gift.

I plan to get up in the morning and ride. Maybe I just needed a me day, with out focusing on diet or fitness. I don't really feel guilty about not working out, but I do have a slight fear that the fat will creep back on during the night, lol ;)


  1. Fiber therapy is good especially with the stimulation of all tyhose colours!!!!! Keep riding your doing so well

  2. I <3 these projects - are you in Ravelry? I am a member (Spundun), but have stopped myself going in because it is just too much of a time sucker! Especially when browsing patterns!

  3. Fat[free]Me - I'm on Ravelry, too(tenaknits). And I totally know what you mean about getting lost in the patterns! It's addictive.

  4. How cool is that - I would be lost in time, too, just looking at all the options. About the riding - it's good to sleep in every now and then.

  5. Tena, you are on vacation and you took a day of rest. The weight isn't going to re-attach overnight. You needed a day and you took it.

    Get up this morning and ride, but watch out for Bick, he's headed to Houston!

    Have a great day and your knitting projects are beautiful. Your need to be creative is asserting itself. Listen.

  6. I knitted a baby blanket last year and it's packed away until needed. I haven't knitted anything this year...

    Love the scarf!

  7. I was thinking what Roxie are on vacation, and took a day for you. That is good!

    I love the scarf too. I am not a knitter but am considering getting a sewing machine and learning to make a few things this winter. I feel myself being pulled toward patterns whenever I am near them.

  8. I love the colors in the scarf! I miss knitting - I just don't have a spare moment this days. :-(

  9. Your scarf is going to be beautiful!

    I'm taking a day off from riding today. My left knee is sore for some reason. Maybe tomorrow...

  10. Wow Tena!
    The scarf is beautiful! Perfect colours! And the baby blanket is perfect! I can't imagine being able to make that.
    I'm so happy you are being creative!
    Andrea :)

  11. anne h - and it felt good to sleep in, too!

    Roxie - So Bick will be in town? And just why didn't you come along? **taps fingers on table**

    Hanlie - and when you need some baby things, I'll have a few for you!

    Patty - I wish I could sew. Had bad experience with my moms sewing machine and now have a fear of them!

    Jenn - When you need to knit, you'll find the time :)

    Lee - I hope your knee gets rested and you feel no pain.

    Andrea - It's your encourgement that got me back to knitting! Thank you, thank you!

  12. You really should check out my other blog, Let's All Knit with Jack Sh*t.

    Waitaminute... that might be one of my imaginary blogs. I'll check and get back to ya...

  13. LOL...I just read Jack's comment...I swear that man makes me laugh out loud every day...he's so awesome. :)

    Good for you on taking the "ME" day...those are very important. :)