Sunday, July 12, 2009

Change Up the Fat Burning Ritual

I usually ride my bike in the evening. Since we've been having such horrendous heat here in Houston, I've been riding later and later. That means that sometimes I'm out pedaling at 8:00 at night. That also means that I'm eating dinner late and staying up later. I don't like to eat anything before I ride. Food just doesn't feel right in my tum-tum. And, after a ride I have that great endorphin high that has nowhere to go but to bed. What a waste! There are lots of days at work that I could use that elevated feeling.

So, I got to thinking about this late night exercise ritual of mine, while I was doing all that pondering the other day, and I think it's time for a change. It doesn't make sense to me anymore to get my heart rate up, my engines revved and stoked, just to eat dinner then within a couple of hours, go to bed. When you go to bed your metabolism has to slow down so you can go to sleep, right? Well I don't think I want mine to shut down that soon.

Now, I'm not a morning person, but this morning I got up and got on my bike at 7:15 AM! I rode for 30 minutes (just under 6 miles) and...I Loved It! It was so cool and breezy, still humid, but the breeze had a nice coolness to it. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be awake enough but after 10 minutes, I was wide awake and enjoying the morning. I'm going to work up to riding longer before work, but since I'm not a morning person, I had a little trouble getting out of bed. Plus, I had to shower before heading off to work so my time was running out.

Since I'm getting ready for the Tour de Pink charity ride, I need to step up the daily mileage. Tonight, I rode for 35 more minutes to make my total ride time for the day about one hour. Yay! It was hot but I got in 12 miles for today and that makes me happy.

Nellie ran over some gum in the hot sun. Now she has a strange smacking sound when her tires are turning. I guess it'll come off eventually.

I'm going to bed early tonight, at least, I'm going to try and get to bed early!


  1. The Army, in all it's wisdom, had us RUN at dawn. It's not so hot, and the rush carries you through the day. Plus no excuses come up to derial your plans!

  2. Sounds like you found a good solution to the heat, that's great. What about eating at 5:00pm and biking at 8:00? That's three hours after eatin. Just a thought.

    It does not matter the time just that you are doing it. I commend you.

  3. That is amazing. I am NOT a morning person, and I find that admirable!!

    I hope that this works for you... it sounds like you are really trying to listen to your body, and try new things. I know it will pay off.

  4. So Nellie can't ride and chew gum at the same time eh?

    Way to go, Tena!!! We have a Winnah!
    Way to adapt ... that's growth.

    I love early mornings cause everything is so fresh ... except for my breath ICK.

    And over 36 lbs lost. Tena, AWESOME.
    Remember when you thought you might not make it through this time? Be proud, sistah.

  5. Mornings are so fresh and clean, a great time to do outdoor exercise of any kind. I just wish I had the gumption to get up and do it then...I love my bed too much and I guess I'm lazy!

    Anyway, good for you!

    (P.S. on your previous post...I love books too. They are among my best friends. I can't imagine what it's like to not enjoy reading.)

  6. Kickin it up a notch -- WTG!

  7. I love getting my exercise out of the way first thing in the morning. But then again, I am a morning person. It's easier to "ride" that high all day.

    Good on you!

  8. I never used to be a morning person either, until I started working out. Now I love working out early on summer mornings! It takes just a few days to get into a new routine...

  9. I LOVE working out in the morning -no excuses for me, unlike at night (too tired, want to spend time w my family, etc.). And, there is such satisfaction in jump-starting my day with a good workout - while everyone else is still sleeping

  10. Where we live it is super hot, so I also exercise first thing. Plus for me, if I don't, then all the kids get a jump start on the day, and I feel constantly behind.

  11. Good for you for changing things up! I love exercising in the mornings. The world is quieter then. :)