Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beware of Snacks in Sheep's Clothing

A couple of weeks ago, I bought two boxes of Reese's SnackBarz. I gave one box to my son and kept a box for myself "just in case" I needed a healthier version of a candy bar. This treat claims to have calcium, iron and 7 essential vitamins. Woo Hoo! Zero trans fats and only 120 calories per bar! Not a terrible choice, but still, a choice I shouldn't have made.

The problem with buying something like this is that I don't want to eat just one. Like the old potato chip ad, I can't eat just ONE. I try to avoid the box but I keep seeing it in my mind. And so I cave in and eat another. I should have given them away so I wouldn't have them in the house. If I had not bought the dang things, I would have never had this struggle. I'm learning, really I am, that there are some things that I never need to buy. These snackbarz are going on that list.

So being off this week is wonderful. We went out to lunch on Monday to Qin Dynasty (pronounced - chin dynasty). They have really great Chinese food and I think I did okay, except for sodium. You can't get Chinese with out lots of that, IMO. Yesterday no bike riding due to...RAIN! We had some at our house. It was like manna from heaven. The ground slurped it right up.

Tonight I'm cooking a dish from my Clean Eating magazine. I'll be making the stuffed peppers! I'll tell you how they turned out later and share the recipe.

Have a great rest of the week! Don't forget to drink your water. And watch out for those snacks.


  1. here too ... can't even have them in the house ... it's never just one for me either
    love stuffed peppers ... might we get a pic?

  2. I have the same problem. There are just certain things that I can only have 1 of in the house for me, and the rest has to be hidden or given away.

  3. After a couple of months of clean eating, those bad snacks seem to be off my radar these days.

    Smart to just keep temptations out of the house until you've built up a strong enough defense mechanism.

  4. I don't know if my defense mechanism will ever work that well. I've tried repeatedly, but alas, it usually ends in failure. So I don't bring stuff in - I'm for doing things the easy way.

    Glad you are enjoying your vacay!

  5. I'm with Roxie...I don't think I'll ever be able to resist certain things, especially after you get a little taste of them. Maybe that is what the manufacturers of these foods are banking I just don't have them in the house. I have a hard enough time resisting over eating healthy foods!

  6. Hi Tena,
    Guilty as charged here too. Cookies...
    Hope you are happy and well.

  7. Like others have posted, I know there are certain things I will NEVER be able to have in the house unless I'm looking for a binge:
    Oreo cookies
    Any kind of real ice cream
    Chocolate candies such as Kisses

    But at least now we know, right? :-)

  8. Oh, my list of foods that can't be in my house is too long. I'm a sucker for wheat thins and cheese-its... I end up eating the whole box in one siting.

  9. I had to kick it all to the curb. No way will I have worked this hard just to be fooled again down the road awhile.

  10. I wouldn't allow something like that in my house either!

  11. for me it is VITAOPS and SKINNY COWS.

    Bought a case of the first one (never again) and then a costco sized box of the second (NEVER AGAIN!)
    one at a time.

    live and learn :)

    LOVE your post title.


  12. Yup, I've been there and done that too. If I add up the total calories in stuff I shouldn't have bought in the first place over the past few months . . . well, let's just say it's a big number!

  13. Yeah I have to stay away from those one calorie pack treats because I have the same problem. It's only 100 calories if you eat
    1 pack. I usually end up eat 2 at a time...a bunch of empty calories. I wrote a post on my problem titled "Getting Got"

  14. I lurve anything Reese! I couldn't have those in the house without having my husband hide them... no, even then, I couldn't have Reese's in the house, lol. I would find it!