Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wild Kingdom

Not much is happening around here this weekend. I went out to eat Mexican food and wish I hadn't. I was feeling a pity party coming on so I thought some chips and salsa would lighten the mood. Whatever, I just woke up feeling bloated this morning. I had ordered a diet Dr. Pepper and sent it back. Can you imagine, who sends a diet drink back? Well, it tasted like crap and that may be because I don't drink sodas anymore, but I didn't see any point in finishing something that tasted like crapola.

Since this weekend is kinda dull, let me tell you what happened the other night. We have a really big back yard with some trees and power lines and on the other side of our chain-link fence is an alley between us and the next neighborhood. Every evening, I open the back door and the dogs shoot out and go running all over the yard like wild banshees. Well, the older dog kinda scoots along, but Sydney, the 2 year old thinks she's a beast so she runs at top speed.

Right after the dogs ran past me I heard a bunch of hissing and growling and looked out in the darkness and saw Sydney running all around a whiteish looking critter. I knew right away what it was, too. There's been a possum hanging around our yard and sometimes it's in my garage. Well, I freaked out and went running over to them (as fast as I can run anyway) and just as I got there, Sydney grabbed the possum and started shaking and shaking and growling and all I could think was she was going to get torn up. I was afraid to stick my hands down there to stop her because I didn't want to get bit myself. Those things have ugly looking sharp teeth! I was screaming at the top of my lungs "NO NO NO, SYDNEY, NO" over and over. I'm sure the neighbors must have thought I was being attacked, lol.

Anyway, the possum must have started getting heavy because Sydney slowed the thrashing about down enough for me to grab her by the back of the neck and she dropped the now "playing dead" possum. I grabbed her up and took her inside. Not a scratch on her and the possum was gone when I went back out to check on it. Which was a relief as I didn't want to have to take it to the wildlife rehab and explain that my dog had attacked it.
Needless to say, I haven't seen the possum around lately :). And Sydney thinks she is one tough cookie! When we go out at night now, I go first and shine the flashlight all over the yard to make sure nothing is out there. I was scared beyond belief. I don't think my heart could take that again.

Take care and have a good Sunday.


  1. Good Grief!
    Wild Kingdom at your neck of the woods.
    Hope you're feeling a bit more up & positive today.
    Is it going around blogland or what.
    I think we've all got growing pains or something.
    Have a great Sunday, Tena.
    Don't talk to the animals.

  2. Growing pains - regular pain - Mexican food - Good job on sending the DP back. Yikes to possums. Not cute!

  3. Wow! It is wild where you live... I only have to contend with moles and mice that my cats bring in.

    Well done on sending the Diet Pepsi back! It's not good for you!

  4. Sounds like there's alot of screaming in back yards these days. How scary!

    I keep having to learn the "Mexican Food" lesson over and over again. I think that it will hit the spot, but really it just hits me like a ton of lead. I have such a tough time remembering (in advance) how I'm going to feel AFTER I do this. It's one that I struggle with.

    You and your bad-ass dog enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Just was noticing your picture in a previous post. Your gorgeous!

    Yikes on the circle of life thing with the doggie. You're dog is a bad ass!

  6. Possums are really creepy critters.

    I love mexican food when I need comfort too. Chips and salsa with lots of salt. Not the best thing.

    Good job on sending back the Diet soda. My hubby gave it up 5 months ago. Stuff is bad. I don't drink it too often but I want to give it up 100%.

    Have a good Sunday. :)

  7. We did the salsa and chips last night too. Had to making something with the tomatoes and it was movie night...guess that's why I am a little extra fluffy today. I mean puffy. :-)

  8. There are going to be chips and salsa along the way....tomorrow is a new day!!! :)

  9. Mexican food is the best damn thing on the planet. I make it at home so it's a teensy bit healthier ;)
    Possums-YUCK!!!! I hate those things. They're vicious looking. Glad your pup's ok!