Monday, June 15, 2009

Buffet x 2

My weekends are usually spent watching a movie, cleaning house, maybe going out for a meal. This last weekend I was invited to two events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Be careful what you wish for...the universe is listening! lol

Anyway, both events were centered around buffets. Naturally. But I was okay with not loading my plate down with all the fried things and I didn't go back for a second plate. Both events also had cake. On Saturday it was Italian Creme and Sunday was a really good sheet cake with yummy icing. I did have a small piece both days. I came home each day and went for a ride so calorie wise I felt, hmmm, okay.

When I got on the scale this morning, no loss. Surprised? No. Nothing gained. But nothing lost. I enjoyed the social aspect of going and had a nice time. I still felt uncomfortable because of my size but I made myself go. I am trying to have a life now. But, I think if I hadn't gone to either event, I would have been more likely to lose something. At least, that's what my mind is telling me. That's another reason why I avoid food-focused events, it always seems to set me back. I don't know if it's just being around all that food or what.

And today, I was disappointed that another week has gone by and I'm not showing a loss. I mean, when I get the weight off, is it going to pile back on when I start living the life I keep thinking I'll have when I'm thinner??!! Geez, what a freakin' catch-22.

Okay, I'm taking a deep breath and calming down. I'm just feeling like the weight is never going to come off. I've been yo-yo-ing these few pounds for a month or so and I'm getting really tired of it. Maybe I need to cut the whole grains out again for a week or two to get a grip. Or lock myself away in a vault!

No ride today. I think I was tired from the busy weekend.


  1. Sometimes I think I'll never lose another pound either. We just have to keep plugging away at it, we will get there, my friend. Many hugs. :-)

  2. woohoo! tour de Pink! thats awesome. I know what you are talking about with gawds I've been blogging about this stupid effing 10lbs for damn near 89 months. What makes that 10lbs so special! haha

    :) Bike it off baby

  3. Keep going, Tena. There's nothing wrong with a place-holder week. Turn around and make this a butt kickin' week.

  4. I feel you lady. I am terrified of being judged about my weight. But I also feel the pain of isolating myself.


  5. I live alone and have to go to social things in order to see friends and have company, and sometimes it is so hard not to scoff lovely fare. But, on the flip side, it does make me feel happier and loved to be amongst lovely people.

    It is a balance and it is a struggle to maintain it. Keep on trying though!

  6. You will lose again! Keep going!

  7. The fact that you went out and enjoyed those social events this week seems far more important than losing a pound or two. Sometimes, the weight battle has to be put on hold while we deal with more important issues, and that is exactly what you did. Don't let the scale undo that Tena!

  8. What Patty said.

    I view these things as a journey to build a LIFE. And besides, you don't know how much sodium, etc was in the foods you ate out. I know that I am very prone to sodium messing up the scales. Just keep doing good things and it will all come together.

  9. Celebrations can really put a crimp in the ol' weight loss plans. Take comfort in the fact that you didn't gain.

  10. You had cake two days in a row AND buffet food two days in a row. Girl, a maintain is a VICTORY!!!!!! You should be up cheering!!!

  11. Sounds like you are on your way in both areas to me.
    Social event(s)=A Life.
    Not gaining while buffeting = Living and still facing forward.
    Really like the Miles Logged gadget you have up. Wow!
    Good for you!!!

  12. I have the same problem - I do fine when I'm home, but when I go to food-related social events (and they ALL seem to be food-related) I get really off track. It does feel like a catch-22 sometimes!

    The answer for me is to really hit it HARD on both the clean eating and exercise front when I'm at home . . . save those indulgences for when I'm out.

    Hang in there, and make this week a great one.

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog! So excited to hear of another "blogging biker", it is the best and I am so glad to look forward to these events. Jsut wish I had more time to comment on blogs! It was great meeting Mary Fran and we are prepping for our third ride this year!