Sunday, June 28, 2009

**Fingers Crossed**

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my scale has something good to tell me. I've eaten well this week and stayed on the bike despite the scorching heat. I hate to sweat but if it means I lose a pound or two, well, I'm willing to soak my shirt.

With all this hot weather I'm drinking a lot of water, of course, but you know what that leads to...frequent potty breaks. Which is fine when you are near a bathroom in the comfort of you own home. But when you're out on the bike, the need to pee is not a comfortable experience. So for now I'm pedaling close to home so if I need to circle back and go potty it's not a problem. I must have the world's smallest bladder!

This weekend has been a quiet one. I'm taking this week off for vacation but I'll just be chillaxing, (as Karen says), maybe take in a movie, go see the Amy Blakemore photo exhibit at the MFAH, or just hang out at home. Always love me some vacay time!

Make it a good week, whatever you do. And don't forget to drink your water - just know where the nearest potty is!


  1. If you love comedy, go see "Hangover", it's hilarious! :-) Have a great vacation!

  2. Good for you! It's so hard to stay focused when simply breathing takes so much effort.

    My favorite local park has a porta-potty, but I find it difficult to use without touching *anything*, including the door. Thus, I've been sticking close to home, too.

  3. I love vacations at home, not stress of packing, travel, etc. I hope your WI is followed by a happy dance!!

  4. Oh I hear ya on the potty breaks!
    My friend Lori and I went to see The Proposal this afternoon ... we both loved it!
    Light-hearted, feel-good movie with Sandra Bullock. With scenes from Alaska to cool you off!!!

    Hope you have some scale-love tomorrow!
    I return to work tomorrow so I'll check in when I get home.
    Have a great stay-cay!

  5. Given the nature of your post, I'll keep my legs crossed! Seriously, good luck with your weigh in. You know you are doing the right stuff. It's just a number - whatever it is.

    Enjoy your vacay time!

  6. Hi Tena,
    Good Luck tomorrow!
    I loved your '5 Gratitudes'. I feel they help me a lot. I try to do it every night, to end on a positive note.

  7. and have a great day.
    no matter what.
    no matter what the scale says.


  8.'d ya do????

    Good job at keeping up the exercise even thought the adversities. (heat and potty breaks!)