Friday, December 5, 2008

Change is Hard

Even when you want it, change is hard. For years I have not eaten breakfast before leaving for work. I usually manage to grab a bite of something around 10-ish and then eat lunch by 12:30 or 1 PM. Now that I am making an effort to eat "clean"er, I wanted to try having breakfast early. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were great! I ate my oatmeal with the tasty flax and wheat germ (which I do love!) before leaving the house and I think on those days, I had my appetite under control.

Thursday, however, I reverted back to my old ways. I just didn't give myself enough time in the morning to eat. I am not a morning person. Not that I don't like mornings, I like them just fine. I just like my mornings taken slowly. If I could go in to work at 9 am, that would be so much better for my new eating habits.

Anyway, yesterday I felt nervous that I might eat something I shouldn't. I had a nagging hungry voice that kept telling me I needed to eat. I ignored it. It was hard. Change is hard.

Today, I overslept! I usually get up at 6 AM and today I opened my baby-blues at 8:48 AM. Talk about hitting the ground running. I called my boss (who didn't even know I wasn't there!) and told her I was on my way. She was really okay about it and said she was glad I wasn't sick but to come on in. Good grief. I pulled this kind of thing when I was in my 20's and used to party till the wee hours. Now at age 51, what's the deal.

So today I will have to eat my breakfast late again. I did take a second to jump on the scale this morning...two seventy-eight point six. Not bad for 5 days. I am excited to see change happening and that I'm feeling good and positive about this diet choice. It is very do-able. I just need to get myself organized and on a better schedule.


  1. Change can be hard and habits are hard to break. Sounds like you are still doing great.

  2. Preparation is key & something I have to work on. Could you pre-cook some foods the night before for breakfast? Remember you can eat anything your big heart desires ~~ doesn't have to be typical brekky foods.

  3. Yep, that is what I have to do. Fix the night before! Thanks for the tip, Katschi.

    On Monday I ate tuna & cottage cheese. Not typical brekky food and I actually liked it!

  4. Hi. :-) Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.
    Breakfast has been difficult for me as well, I just don't feel hungry in the morning for some reason.

    However, I have been having black beans for breakfast every morning and it's been a real help. I stay fuller for longer, the fiber is wonderful and it helps with the cravings I have for sweets.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Tena,

    You're doing great! I'll share a tip I have. I keep a couple of Larabars in my glove compartment in my car, and also a baggie of roasted almonds. They won't spoil, and then if I race to the car and forget to eat, I have something healthy. (Larabars are JUST raw nuts, dried fruits, and spices. No sugars or anything).

    HTH :)