Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What is that fluffy stuff that's flying around out there? Snow? Nah, not here in Southeast Texas. is snow!
That's right. We are having a little snow down here. Of course it won't stick but it's cause for celebration! We rarely have weather that's cold enough to freeze. I love it when we do. I think I'm a displaced northerner!!

Today the scale said two seventy five point two. So, since Monday's weigh-in I haven't lost a full pound, yet. I'm not having trouble sticking to my plan. Even when my mom is sitting on the sofa next to me eating a bear-claw pastry. Thank goodness I don't really like those things. Although when she was munching on some Fritos earlier it almost got me. Crunchy salty things are something I really like.

After watching her eat those things I felt a little disgusted. One, because I wanted some. :( And two, because I know how gross they are for what's in them. I don't want to like those foods anymore. I'm wondering how will I feel in a few weeks about them if I get a whiff when someone is eating them. I wish I could have the gene removed that makes me think that I will enjoy those foods. I want gene manipulation to cause me to violently dislike that crap.

The best part is I didn't eat any Fritos. I consider this a small hurdle but I made it just the same. We have to take our victory's where they come!


  1. Congratz on your mini-victory! I like to count all my mini-wins too. :) today, I didn't eat cookies at the office treat day. Very proud.


  2. Not eating Fritos is cause to celebrate! Why is it, in my opinion, that Fritos are the only chip that SMELLS SO STRONG? My husband will sneak some in the kitchen and I can SMELL it on his breath! GUILTY!

  3. LOL...gene manipulation! betchya someone's working on that now.
    Good for you for resisting the chip!

  4. Love mini victories! Good going! Put me inline if you find the gene manipulation. Have never gotten to the state of thinking uck. But have gotten to the point where I know it will make me feel sick if I do eat them. Do not know how they were eaten before and not notice the after effects.

  5. Mini victories always add up to a nice big one in the end.

    One of my students--an adorable nine year old with long blonde hair--told me that it was snowing in Texas (my dad had to go there for work she told me proudly :)

  6. Thanks for all the great comments! You guys are wonderful!