Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekends Are Rough

Yesterday, I spent my whole day cleaning out my garage. It's something I feel like I'm always doing and yet, never get finished. I keep trying to purge old stuff but more stuff just seems to appear out there. It's like some kind of 5th dimension. Creepy.
Since I was so busy with that lovely job, I got a little off my clean regime. I had too much sodium I think cause I'm up a pound today. I swear, if I even look at salt, I bloat like a sponge. I don't think I over ate, I just made some wrong choices. I added cheese to an omelet that I made and ate late last night. I'm not upset, just a little annoyed.
Tonight is our Christmas party for work. It's at a fancy-schmancy place and I'm a bit nervous about the food and open-bar. I don't really drink much (I did when I was younger, much younger) and haven't felt very comfortable in social situations since I've been so overweight. I always feel so self-conscious and get uptight. I don't even have anything to wear. I'm going out today and see if I can find something. Wish me luck!

Well, after much shopping I settled for this outfit for the party tonight. I had something else in mind but I couldn't find it. Shopping for clothes is not something I really enjoy. At least not for the size that I'm wearing. Next year when I go shopping it will be for MUCH smaller size!!

I also didn't plan well for my shopping spree and started to have a blood sugar blow out. I stopped at Jack in the Box and got their fajita chicken pita. It was okay, 300 cals but the sodium is a killer. I will try to do better at the party but this day is looking like a total loss. Tomorrow I owe my body a clean break and some exercise!


  1. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun!! Enjoy yourself :)

  2. Honey, I know exactly how you feel about the socializing but keep in mind that you won't be the only one who feels this way. Remember that we are our own worst critics...people love us, remember?
    These people know you, won't be with strangers. You'll be fine & have fun...choose to!
    Don't strive to be perfect tonight just do your best.

  3. i wanna see what you find today to wear! :)

    Enjoy the party! My office due was on Friday night. My boss asked if I was going and I said no, he pressed on and I told him I had nothing to wear to go. I hated admitting that. HATED it.

    Next year, I want to have a number of fabulous things to wear and be sure to go and have fun.


  4. Hope the evening was a great time. The outfit is pretty.