Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sugar Can Bring You Down

A week before Christmas I started eating sugar after not having it in my diet for 2 weeks. The day before Christmas, I began to feel sick. My chest hurt and my head hurt and my sinuses were very congested. I have not been sick in awhile. The day after Christmas, I didn't get out of bed till 4 pm. For me, that is unheard of!

I read in something last night that sugar can weaken your immunity. I so believe that is what I did to myself. I was feeling very good and then dove into my old eating habits and viola!, sick! I've been looking all day for the book or magazine where I got my info but can't find it. I know I didn't dream it. I hate it when I can't find something. It will bug me until I finally find it. I thought it was in my Eat-Clean Diet Book, but I've looked at every page twice and I can not find it! Oh, well, moving on.

I got on the scale this morning (Saturday) and I'm up almost 6 pounds. Which probably is mostly water since all I have to do is have one piece of pie or one serving of pancakes and I gain. I know my body and how it will react so I honestly can't say I'm surprised. I planned to cheat and that's what I did. Tosca says in her book that "cheating is learning" (pg 150 of the Expanded Ed.). Learn from how cheating makes your body feel. And if you don't want to throw away all your hard work, put the cheating behind you and start fresh from that moment on!

So that's where I am with my diet. I'm ready to put my cheating behind me and get busy losing more weight. I know that eating clean works and that is what I'll be doing for the 6 week challenge! Thanks, Karen, for getting us back on track! You ROCK! I can't wait to see how much we all lose in these next 6 weeks!


  1. Boy, the sugar's like crack like SpunkySuzi says.
    It's incredible how quickly you had the reactions you did with the sugar overload. Just think..that's how we felt everyday thinking that was normal!
    I'm finding that even the honey I was eating was making me tired & wanting more. So the honey had to go. Fruit doesn't affect me badly, though. It's my new candy!
    Eating Clean works! I've been reading Tosca's blog & find it helpful.
    Thanks for the shout out!!! I'm so happy that we're all going to do the challenge together!
    I'm excited to see how much fat we lose, too!
    WE rock!!!!

  2. I just read that the other day as well.. I wish I knew where I read it! Clean eating works and you can get right back into it!!

  3. that does make total sense, huh?
    sugar makes me feel like cr*p in every other way (although I love it :)) so why now make me sick as well...


  4. After eating so well, and then putting in something that you're not used to in your body, it can really make you feel sluggish and not yourself.

    Either way, good luck on the 6 week challenge!!

  5. I googled "sugar and immune system" and got some interesting hits. Nothing recent, but I don't think that I need a scientist to tell me that sugar is addictive.

    There was a very interesting bit about how sugar effects (zink?) and taste, thereby making you need to eat things with more sugar since you are unable to taste lesser amounts. Anyway, very interesting searching on that topic.