Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Friday And We Have Egg Rolls!!

It's the holiday season. Oh, boy. This year I am going to avoid the unhealthy treats and goodies that end up on my desk. The intention is appreciated, but this year I will be looking at these treats with different eyes. I want to think of them, not as things I can't have, but see them for what they are...not good for me. Seriously. I will only eat the treats that I know are clean. This will be my mantra for the holidays and the coming year! Now that I've said it, I'm already worried that I will lose my grip and slip into a fatty food coma.

Every year one of my co-workers makes home-made egg rolls. They are divine, but they are deep-fried. I like them and always wish she shared more than 2 per person. So this morning she showed up in my office with her "gift." I graciously accepted them. Placed them on my desk and continued to eat my oatmeal! They are on a paper plate covered with foil. I have not laid eyes on them. They are cold from the fridge so I can not smell them, thank heavens. I will not eat them. The question is now what to do with them. I think I will take them to my son. He's 25, rides his bike almost everyday, so I don't think they will be a bad once a year treat for him. However, if I think they are not healthy enough for me, should I pass them on to someone else and let them be unhealthy?

The holidays will be different this year, I hope. I plan to remember why I am doing this and stay true to my decision about getting healthier and thinner. I want to be "fine in 2009." This morning the scale said two seventy three. Woo Hoo! I've lost 12 lbs in 12 days! I rode my bike yesterday for 3.5 miles and even though it was colder than I would have liked, it felt great to be riding again.
Have a great weekend of shopping, walking, tennis, golf, riding, lifting, or whatever makes you happy!! :)


  1. OMG 12lbs in 12 days... there is a christmas song in there somewhere!! :)

    That's really great though, and glad to hear that you are resisting the temptation.

    I never know what to do with food like that either. I hate to be wastefull.. but I don't want to treat my body like a garbage can either.

    Tough call. :)

  2. Tena, 12 lbs! Girl, you're kickin it!

  3. 12 pounds in 12 days is GREAT! Especially for this time of year. Hang in there, you're going to make it!

    And thank you for sharing your experience in your comment on my blog. I so appreciate the support and knowing that it is possible to get through this and be ok.

  4. Way to go on the huge loss. It appears there really is something to this "eating clean." :)

  5. Good gracious, woman! 12 pounds in *drum roll please* 12 days?! I am having serious envy issues right now. :-) That's got to feel great. And you know, I think I'd just leave those bad boys (the eggrolls) on the snack table at work. You aren't forcing anyone to eat them. :-)
    Keep it up!