Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If It Tastes Too Good, Beware!!

I work at a private school (not a teacher, glorified secretary) that in our area, is known for it's lunch room delights. We have so much to choose from: soup bar, salad bar, sandwich bar, hamburgers or veggie burgers, and the hot food line. They even have a frozen yogurt machine which I stay clear of. I can usually find something good and "clean" everyday so I don't bring my lunch. This is a blessing and I have appreciated for the last 8 yrs. Whenever I want to eat healthy, I can, and vice-versa!!

Yesterday I went through the hot food line and got steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes ~not mixed together :) ~ and some cottage cheese off the salad bar. I was so excited about the sweet potatoes! Yes, they are part of the eat-clean diet!! Woo Hoo! Now for the bad news. They tasted really, really good. Too, good. Was something lurking on my sweet potatoes?! There was not a sauce, not visible signs of anything other than good ole 'taters. So I ate them, even though deep in my soul, I knew they were too sweet.

When I went to the lunch room today, I asked one of the cooks if the sweet 'taters had sugar on them. Yes!? What the?? Why did they feel the need to take a perfectly wholesome food and taint it with sugar?? I hate that! What's worse is I knew when I was gobbling down each sweet tastey bite that I was eating sugar. In a weak moment I reverted back to eating what I knew I shouldn't. And the rest of the day I could feel that sugar slowing down my thinking and making me tired. From now on, I will ask first if they have added stuff to the food that looks safe. I don't want to have to bring my own food, but I will if I have to. It must be due to the holidays that they think they need to make rich food this week. Well, and the kids are having reviews for exams so maybe they think the kids need sugar. I wish they would realize how much better off the kids would be if they didn't add all that crap.

So on my plate today I had their Tilapia baked in Jerk Sauce (probably has sugar), lima beans, and spring salad with blue cheese chunks. It was all good but I'm worried that I need to bring my own lean protein. I may just bring my own chicken breast or tuna, etc. so I don't have to worry about getting sugar that I don't want. Geez. People. Leave the freakin' sugar out of the food!

Today the scale didn't move. Well, I knew it might not. It's just messin' with me. Never fear, scale, you will go down!!


  1. Can I just say that your motivation picture is the best I've seen yet! It sounds like you are doing fantastic with your eating! Good luck

  2. I hate that too when there is something hidden. Sounds like you still did okay.

  3. The firefighter you chose is Smokin'!!! yummy :)
    Tena, have you noticed how more energetic your posts have become, too?
    I agree...what's will all the added crap to perfectly healthy & TASTY food??? Sounds like you could perhaps influence the staff to leave it out?
    I forgot to mention the newest doggie pic...your babies are adorable!

  4. You would think that a school cafeteria would omit the sugar for health reasons AND to keep the kids calmer!! I've asked Santa for the Eat Clean Diet cookbook. You and Karen are rockin' it.

  5. All the added sugar and salt in things is maddening. Think people are just so use to the altered taste they do not realize once you stop them you can enjoy the real flavors. Love that eye candy has no added sugar :-). Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Tena! thank you for your comments today, I really appreciated them! You are so right about the sugar! UG!!

    Sweetpotatoes... you would have thought that the sweet gave it away. :)

    We can do it!

  7. Thanks for asking!

    I've been crazy busy with school this week--lesson plans, assemblies, field trips YOU NAME IT!

    I need to come back when I have more time to read your posts and catch up!!!! (one more week of school)

  8. Glad that you recognized the sugar, and investigated instead of burying your head in the sand and continuing to eat them. :)