Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feelin' It

Day 3 of my new way of eating. I feel really good! The scale said two eighty-one this morning. Of course I've been tinkling like crazy so most of what I'm losing is water. I must be a sponge! When I cut out bread I always lose the bloat. I am drinking a lot of water which also accounts for feeling better, too.

I am having a little trouble with eating all the meals. I really don't eat all day (who'da guessed) so fitting in all the meals is getting trick-y. I already seem to have more energy and I fell asleep easily last night and got up before my alarm went off this morning. So good things are happening!!


  1. Good job on being back on program. I am starting all over again tomorrow. The holidays are so tough for me.

  2. Wonderful!! The more you stick with it, the more health benefits you will see and feel. Trust me, when my thighs stopped rubbing together giving me major rug rash...I was in heaven!!! :)

  3. I have trouble eating all my meals, too. Who'da ever thought!