Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Body of Evidence

Yesterday I was off work for Prez's Day and I think I spent the entire day trying to talk myself out of going for the cake, AGAIN. Gahhhh. Why do I let something like this get such a hold on me?

I started the day out okay. Told myself I was over the cake incident and I didn't feel bad about myself for eating it. It's just that my "head" keeps telling me something sweet would be nice. The constant nagging in my head is getting old. When does the desire to eat crap stop? I really like eating healthy but when I fall off the wagon my body doesn't want to get back on. Struggling with myself is exhausting and makes me want to throw in the towel.

I think I mentioned that I'm trying out a program here at work for "lifestyle changes" to lose weight. It advocates that eating only when you are hungry means you can eat whatever you are hungry for. Scuse me? So if I'm never hungry for spinach or green beans, I should just not eat them? They say to drink a mixture of orange juice and water (1:7 ratio) throughout the day for hydration. And it will keep your blood sugar leveled to keep hunger at bay. That part does help but I don't think eating only what I want is going to work for me. You are supposed to stop eating when you are comfortable and remind yourself that your stomach only holds about a cup of chewed food.

I know this is going to take a long time to lose this weight and change my habits. Eating the cake this weekend really set me back mentally. Am I a sugar-holic? Not to be trusted with sweets? Do they make serotonin in a pill? Do I need to live in a cave?

Today is a toughy for me. Hope it's a good one for you. Drink that water!


  1. Boy, do I understand the siren song of cake (or whatever sings to you)! I get obsessed/mesmerized/compulsively drawn to the stuff and it's tough to get past it. I don't know the answers, unfortunately, but I find that declutter or organizing something takes my mind off of the "whatever" long enough for my rational self to re-engage.

    Just hang in there and do the next right thing for you.

  2. I'm not sure the cave is the best option ; ) haha

    hang in there!!

  3. Sorry you are having a time with the cake and the nagging mind. You know I've been there and definitely done that. It will pass, just really stinks in the meantime.
    As for the juice water mix, it would possibly give me a problem. The sweet even deluted (sadly) could start sweet things at times. Water for hydration and a small non sweet snack would work better to take off hunger and keep levels even for me.
    We'd miss you if you decided on the cave so... NO cave please. Hang tough! It will clean out and you will be back without the nagging mid.

  4. I totally understand the sugaraholic thing, but I'm also a saltaholic (chips anyway??). But thanks for the OJ/water tip. And hang in there!

  5. hey darling. same same same same... its been tough these last few days.
    I feel your pain for sure.

    Stay strong!

  6. if it makes you feel any better, i did that last night too. while i consider myself completely recovered, i still get that naggy voice. i ate dinner early, and so around 9:00 i wanted something sweet, and could have made cookies. i had to force myself to lay there and not get up and raid the fridge. i tried to be rational, but my mind doesnt take well to that so i just said "there is no way im stepping into that kitchen." and i didnt.

    The main thing with me is i want it to be easy- i want it to be easy to say no to eating too much, but i have to remember just because its hard to say no doesnt mean i cant

    Kelly Turner

  7. Know what you mean about the cake calling to your mind. I had the same problem last night with the banana muffins (that I finally froze).

    I don't like the sound of that new program telling you to eat what you "want" when hungry. I don't think that would work for me. I don't think I could live on potato chips :o) But I do like the idea of the OJ and water ratio. I may just try that one. I love OJ but it is too strong for my tummy. That way I could probably handle it and it may help with the cravings too.

  8. I've been at this almost two years, and I still love cake. And cookies and ice cream and candy.
    To me, loving sweets is a natural thing, not something to feel bad about.

    For me (and I know we're all different), I was only able to commit to the long-term life changes by finding ways to have those things I loved. I made up a 'game' I called Cake Day, for which the prize for exercising 2500 minutes and avoiding any major splurges was... a piece of cake. I tracked and I tracked. I passed up cake at work, cake at family dinner, cake anywhere except for Cake Day Cake. That was cake I "earned." Immediately after I ate it, I started counting exercise points until the next time. (It worked out to a slice of cake every 2-1/2 to 3 months, which was perfect.)

    I hope you find your answer for managing the cravings, but please don't beat yourself over having them. Sweets taste good! We just have to learn to manage them properly! :)