Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh, baby, that's what I like! (HYC Check-in)

Last week the scale said I gained 3 lbs. Ugh. I knew it I just didn't want to face it so I didn't post it here till today. Being in denial over gaining is still a problem for me. I hate to admit failure even though I know what I did to make myself fail. Last weekend I added insult to injury by consuming that challah loaf and brownie. Strange enough though, I didn't gain from eating those. I don't want to sugar cote anything either so I'm just going to say that I wasn't giving my 100% during that week.

This week however has been a horse of a different color. I've been making great choices for eating. I've been on my bike for at least 30 minutes everyday since Saturday. As a result, I lost a total this week of 5.6 lbs. I really only lost 2.6 because of the gain from last week. So to be honest I'm saying I lost 2.6. I hate to include pounds I have already lost once. (does that make sense or am I now babbling?)This weekend I'll be hunting down my weights to get started on some training to build up some muscle. I feel like a new woman. Is it the fresh air? Is it the lack of sugar? It's all that and a gang of bloggers!!

Really, I could not see myself facing this battle everyday without all you humor, support, tips, and reality-check sharing peeps out there in blogland. You make my life richer everytime I read your posts. Keep hacking at it. We are going to all be leaving the weight-loss arena together soon.

PS - I wore my red today, but forgot to bring my camera to work. I'll try to take a pic before I change for my ride tonight.


  1. Congratulations on your loss! And good for you for posting the gain. I, too, cringe at posting the gains, but it helps keep me accountable!

  2. Well done on being back on track! Great loss!

    Blogging is great...

  3. glad to see things are working in your favor again! Keep on Keepin' on!

  4. YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!! 2.6 pounds!!!!

    You done good this week.

    Got my red breaches on but not going to post a pic.

  5. Wow! What a great weight loss week for you. I'm jealous!

    Keep it up!



    i hate hate hate hate posting gains...but I have to keep doing it.

  7. Admitting that things didn't go so well is one of the hardest things, but you have an awesome loss whether you count the slip last week or not so good for you!

    (I love the little picture you have at the beginning of the posts, with all the tori gates? I've been to Kyoto to see them, they're great).