Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Got Rain?

Finally. We got some rain in Houston last night. It even rained in my neighborhood. The rain was much needed but the timing was not to my liking. 20 minutes into my bike ride the wind picked up and raindrops started pelting away. I'm not afraid of a little rain so I rode for 5 more minutes but the wind was too gusty for comfort. So I headed home.

It rained during the night and I heard on the news a lot of people got hit with some really rough weather. Hope all are safe. It's sunny today and feeling crisp outside. Can't wait to get out and ride this afternoon. This is the kind of day I wish I had an outdoor job. I feel like when I was in school and used to sit and daydream out the window...

This week I've been fighting the feeling that I'll give up ship and fail again at losing weight. After my post yesterday, I got some really great support. Thank you, blogger pals, for zeroing in and offering pearls of wisdom and food for thought (the diet kind). I feel so blessed to have you guys as my life line. (I've linked each item on my list to the blog of the blogger that left me a comment yesterday, except for #4 which is linked to Here's the plan:
  1. Banish the fear
  2. Love the highs and work through the lows
  3. Think in abundance, not in lack
  4. Shine light on the dark areas of my life
  5. Keep my eye on the prize
  6. Keep blogging
  7. Defend my new lifestyle fiercely
  8. Keep doing what I'm doing

Have a great hump-day and don't forget to drink your water!


  1. I just read your entry from yesterday and today. As my latest blog entry reveals I am having some fears going on myself. I do not want to fail and just move forward. Here is to our success!

  2. Keep fighting that feeling of fear. It's ok to feel it, but know we are here for you to get you through it. We are in this together and together we will succeed.

  3. Thanks for summarizing your comments. It is helpful to share strategies for dealing with things like this fear.

    I'm impressed that you rode in the rain and the wind. I usually avoid