Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cool New Gadget

Has anyone noticed the new gadget on our blogs? The Followers thingy over there to the right of this post...I know, like where did that come from?! It looks different and it is different. I decided to click on one of the peeps pics and it tells me about them and who they have links to on their blog. Way to go Blogger! I think that is really cool.

Okay, now on to health related stuff. Today and yesterday I felt like I need to eat something crunchy and sweet. I went to the store and got some trail mix from Planters. It's got some raisins, cranberries, granola (geez, I love granola) and some nuts in it. I wanted to open my mouth and pour it in. I could feel myself getting that urgent out of control I'm-gonna-eat-this-whole-damn-bag feeling. I did eat about two servings worth, put the bag away (in my desk at work) and drank my water.

My calories have been kinda low and I'm riding my bike everyday, outside for 35-38 minutes (which based on my weight & according to myfitnesspal burns around 430 cals). I'm afraid of eating too many carbs since in the past it always seems like they slow down my weight loss. The scale does not show any loss this week yet so I'm freaking out. My weigh-in day is Saturday and I feel like I'm running out of time.

What I want to do is eat bread. With nothin' on it. Just bread. I hate that! Anyway I'm staying out of the kitchen, you?

Play with your new gadget, eat your veggies and drink that water! Yes, I'm talking to you!


  1. Are you eating your calories that your earn while biking? When I first started exercising regularly, I thought I would lose faster if I didn't eat the extra calories, but that didn't work. I use myfitnesspal to journal my food and track my exercise and it seems to work if I stay within my calories allowed, whether I earn 200 or 500 extra a day. I just have an extra healthy snack that day.

  2. I giggle that I avoid the follower that Im clueless when and if people cease following :)

  3. Oh man, do I know the "Call of the Bread". I hate it when that happens. Fortunately, I am able to keep most of it out of the house, although I was home alone last night and ran across some "Texas Toast" in the freezer. I shut the door fast!

    As DonnaB said, make sure you are eating ENOUGH real, good food. For me, that means getting enough clean protein.

    You are rocking this thing! The scale will be what it will be. Don't fret over that, just keep doing the good stuff.

  4. Totally relate to the end of this post. I get that "I'm going to eat this whole bag feeling" occassionally. One day I went in the pantry and packed everything that I thought I might do that with into single serving sandwich bags. This included: graham crackers, goldfish, & pretzels. I also did it with the girl scout cookies. Somehow I have managed to avoid those completely.

    I think I am eating too many carbs too and not enough calories. I am doing WW and so I am trying to eat all my points this week. I felt like time was running out this week too because I was way down half way through the week but then back up yesterday. I weighed in ththis morning and I was down 1.7. So glad and relieved.

  5. Ohhh boy, I love bread..and it frequently calls my name! I have to monitor my carbs all the time!

    Don't worry about the scales....your body will do what it needs to do (lose) if you continue biking and eating right (monitoring those carbs)

  6. Don't worry, it sounds like you are doing all the right things and the weigh loss will catch up. Hang in there. I'm trying to stay out of the kitchen too and catch up on everyones blogs!

  7. Yes Ma'am! I'm on it!

    Have a great weekend!