Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is there such a thing as...

bike rider's high? I know when you run you get to a place where endorphins kick in and you feel really great. At least that's what I've been told. I wouldn't know, I don't run. Not like Tamzin, you go girlie!

I do, however, ride the heck out of my bike. I've been riding everyday since Saturday. When I first got back to riding in November I could hardly ride for 15 minutes without my butt feeling like it disappeared. Today I rode for 38 minutes around my neighborhood. That's a distance of 6.5 miles. My top speed was 14.2mph but that was for a quick little sprint moment when I felt like blasting off.

I used to come home everyday from work and sit at the computer or sit on the sofa and watch the news. Now I can't wait to get home so I can ride. Our neighborhood is pretty safe, not a lot of traffic but there are some folks that have no idea how to share the road with a bike. Morons. But being slightly smaller than them, I don't fight for my place on the road. I just mutter under my breath some not so nice sentiments. :)

Anyways, I know some of you are having really cold, bad weather. Stay warm, and be careful out there.

Oh, and don't forget to drink your water!


  1. Now I'm jealous! You said you liked our snow but I'd like to be riding outside. I think there is definitely a biker's high. Do not blame you for the muttering, some drivers just do not want to share. That is why I like bike trails. Just not always time for them though like neighborhood riding.

  2. I am jealous that you have a bike and I don't! :(
    At least I've got my feet to get me places! I like running and walking is a good workout, but I wish I had a bike. That sounds like fun.

  3. Iam so jealous as well!
    Not suppose t5o get above 20 deg today, so the bike will stay in storage for a few more weeks. Hoping to get it out and tuned by the end of February. That is what I get for living in the North East! Oh well....keep up the good work, glad you enjoy your biking!

  4. I live on gravel roads, so I don't think a bike would work for me at home, but I am seriously considering buying one to leave at work to ride at lunch. It seems like such a fun way to get exercise.

    Good for you! I'm glad you are enjoying your exercise - honest to god, that's have the battle.

  5. and is it sad that I get aforementioned high from my recumbent?


  6. I'm sure those endorphins appear when you crank up the bike. So, I'd say, yes, you can get a bike riding high.

    Sure wish I had a place to ride that I didn't have to haul a bike a lot of miles to find a bike path. Wouldn't want to try it on my two lane roads or my mountain dirt road :o)

  7. I TOTALLY hear you on the morons driving down the road, while I'm biking. I thought it was just lousy CA drivers. UGH!

  8. At the end of the summer, my parents gave me my old bike from teenage hood. Sadly, I didn't have the courage to get on it and try...Perhaps this spring, I will not be too embarrassed....

  9. Good for you! Biking is much more fun outside than inside at the gym. And i don't understand the morons driving as if bikes don't belong either. Have fun!!!

  10. I got on an upright bike in the gym yesterday and my butt went numb after 10 minutes. So I stopped riding, did some weights and came back for another 10 minutes.

    Can't wait to get a real bike and ride on the farm trails at my parents'! We don't have many bicycle trails and our roads are downright dangerous, so I'll have to find safer places to ride.

    I'm glad you're enjoying cycling so much. Exercise is always better when we enjoy what we're doing!

  11. I too, love my bicycle, and ride it everywhere. I hear you on the drivers, I've learned to be visible and aggressive, so generally I have no problems. Having no car, I have to, otherwise I'd be on the bus, yucky.