Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold and Sunny! I'll take it.

I took the dogs out back this morning for their morning business and it was about 28 F out there. I had on my coat, scarf, gloves, sweatpants, heavy socks, and a hat. The exciting part is that I felt perfect. It was cold, but it felt good. Sorry, again, to my northern buds that are having 14F and below, I know our temps sound wonderful to you about now, but you must understand that this is so rare to have real winter weather. I'm all caught up in the novelty of it, I guess. And I LOVE IT! I really think I'm a displaced northerner. Anyway, here are some pics from our romp in the yard.

Bird Bounty

Our back yard collects water and we call it the Back 40 Pond.
Today it was frozen :)

Frozen Pond

Sydney loves ice and she found some in the yard this morning!

She loves to play soccer. The cold weather makes her frisky!

Today, I've got some running around to do. My mom's computer is acting up so we're going to take it to the Geeks and see if they can fix it.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm. And drink your water. I know it's not hot but the cold weather can dehydrate you, too.


  1. Sydney is adorable.

    Our high was 26 today, but I must be getting used to it because I didn't curse once. :)

  2. I think we were at 18 degrees today. School was cancelled on Friday due to a dusting of snow and icy roads. As a teacher, I can't say I was disappointed! ;)

  3. I'm loving this unusual weather too!! Viva winter!

  4. Awh, your dog is too cute! i keep begging my husband to let us have one... unfortunately the place we live in doesn't allow dogs :(

  5. Oh my gosh...this weather is insane!!! There was ice on our roads. I live in north FLORIDA. It's crazy....

    Your dog is too cute :)