Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wild Horses

This post has nothing to do with horses (other than the photo), I just liked the sound of it, lol. Well, I'm feeling less anxious today. Food-wise was not stellar, but I'm okay with it and I'll get it all back under control soon.

Thank you all for "being there" for me. It really helped to blow it out here amongst the blog-o-support-system. You guys are the best.

Have a great day tomorrow! And don't forget to drink some water. Whatever, just drink it ;)


  1. Just wanted to give you a big cyber hug. Hang in there. We all get there sometimes. You have a chance to change things with each meal. :)

  2. I'm drinking lady!!! and you do the same. I misedd your other posts. Hope this funk passes and you are back in the saddle again soon!

  3. I drank "whatever" tonight in celebration of my best friends birthday (January 18) because she is headed out of town.
    I am posting pictures of said quiche, and the "recipe" too, tomorrow...