Saturday, January 2, 2010

Don't try this at home!

Since we've had a lot of rain and cold-ness here in south east Texas, I've been whining a lot about not being able to ride my bike. Well, for Christmas, my family came through for me with a few exercise programs for me to do indoors, at home. Two go with the Wii and they are "My Fitness Coach" and "Wii Fit Plus." The other is a The Firm 5lb Kettle Bell Kit. Aren't they wonderful, my family? I love 'em!

Anyway, so this morning, I got up and decided that since it's still pretty cold outside I'd be exercising indoors. I got started with the Wii Fitness Coach. It's great, btw. I only did a 15 minute workout since my pathetic body has forgotten what real exercise is all about. Riding is great for the legs, but the rest of your body just kinda goes along for the ride - pun intended ;). So, after I got finished with the Coach, I put in the kettle bell DVD and did the express workout. Love this workout but by the time we got to the floor part, I started feeling dizzy and nausiated. What? Come on. I know I'm out of shape but, seriously?

Then it dawned on me...I hadn't had any water before I started working out. That's right. Me. The one who's always preaching about drinking water. I got myself totally dehydrated. I felt terrible and it had nothing to do with muscle soreness. Let me just say that dehydration will stop you in your tracks. It took me a few hours to get myself back to normal and even then I still felt queazy. Good grief. From now on, I will drink plenty of water before I start exercising and I will drink during the workout. I think having the heat on in the house didn't help, either :).

So, do exercise at home. Just make sure you drink water before and after. Lesson learned.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Cool on the bike ride! And dehydration can flat mess one up quickly!

    Have a great day, Tena.

  2. Great reminder re staying hydrated while working out! Congrats on getting your exercise in despite bad weather.

  3. Speaking of water, we should all get a drink NOW. Just a hint for me, but if you need some then it's for you too. ;-)