Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Snapshots and Finished Object

I finally finished the scarf I've been working on since summer! Good thing, too, cause I need to get some wear out of it before the cold weather leaves Houston.

Lace Cable Scarf

Here it is, the start of a new year and I've been nothing but lazy about dieting and working out. I ate better last week so at least I was mindful of what I put in my mouth. But all this cold weather has had me seeking comfort food. Chili, crackers, fajitas. Well, fajitas might not be comfort food, but they were something I just had to have yesterday ;). I think I'm a little preoccupied with food again. All the goodies from the holidays keep dancing around in my head. I need, no, make that I want to get back to that mindset I had before where I only ate clean and was satisfied. It's so hard to get back on track.

Today I made a trip to Home Depot for a new toilet seat. You know, those things don't last forever ;). I took off the old one and put on the new one. Now I have a nice, shiny new seat. Funny how the simplest things in life can bring such joy, lol.

Since it's been so cold, I've been thinking about warm places. A special place that comes to mind is Cambria, California. I took my mom and son on a Pacific Coast journey the summer of 2001. Someday I would like to live there but that's just a dream. It's an artsy little place that grabbed my heart. This picture was taken on film so I scanned it in.

Moonstone Beach, Cambria, CA (2001)

Have an awesome week! Stay warm and drink your water!


  1. I love that scarf! The yarn is very pretty. Is it knit or crochet? And, I hear ya about getting back on the wagon after holiday treats! One step at a time ... :)

  2. Oh Tena!
    It turned out perfectly! I still pick up the "thing" I started but I fear it'll never be finished...I can't sit still lately!
    Beautiful Photo!
    I am eating every single piece of junk that's in the house and then "no more!" Unusually I lost weight over Christmas, but have put it back on with the those "thoughtful" gifts of chocolates. :( A reminder to me to never give anyone, except grandparents, chocolate as a gift.
    Enjoy your creation!

  3. That scarf looks awesome! I love the colors :-)

  4. What a beautiful scarf! I so envy folks who can do any sort of needlework.

    Thanks for sharing that photo. I'm adding Moonstone Beach to my places to visit next time I'm in CA.

    Wishing you great success (I've been here awhile and know you have it in you) as you work your way back to the right path.

  5. Beautifully done on the scarf. The last one I started in 2007 still awaits completion. Maybe some day!! I have several in reserve already done, so I'm not worried about freezing. :)

    Cold weather makes me yearn for old favorites, too. Stews, chilis, pot pies, noodles, dumplings. Oh crap, I've got to stop thinking of stuff like that too.

  6. Thank you Tena,
    The card is beautiful, the bookmarks awesome (and needed!), the sentiment sublime!

  7. You used my favorite colors in the scarf! So Cute.

    And thank you so much for your comment on my blog about drinking shakes. I think I've gotten a handle on the not-eating issue...I've set the alarm on my cell phone and I'm making myself eat something small every few hours. I definitely feel better and not so crazy.

  8. Thank you all for the compliments on my scarf. I wore it today and it was nice and warm :)

    Sherre: It's knitted. I don't crochet much.

    Andrea: I'm glad you like the bookmarks! xoxo

    Cammy: Thank you for your wonderful support.

    Graciela: I'm glad you're feeling better :)

  9. Fajitas are comfort food :)

    Love that scarf...I need to learn how to do that.