Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Nellie, Happy Me!

I just have time for a quick post. Since my boss "discovered" me on the internet one day at work, I don't dare even look at the weather online anymore. So I'm thinking I'll try to start posting before work ;)

We had some great weather in H-town for the last two days. Sunny and high 50's and low 60's (I know, sorry for you all that are freezin your tush off) so I took Nellie out for a ride. My legs were already out of shape from the lack of riding, but they warmed up and felt great. A little achy, but it's just nice to "feel" the burn again.

Rain is headed our way, so I'll be trying to motivate myself to exercise indoors. Why do I hate that so?

Have a great Wednesday and drink your water!


  1. I do not like working out inside either! I hope you have a wonderful day :-)

  2. We are finally thawing out up here, but your rain is headed my way. Good for you and Nellie! I know you have missed each other.

    Have a great day! No water yet, but maybe someday ;-)