Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, poo!

I'm off work today (yay!) for MLK Day. My morning started nice and quiet with a cup of coffee, a little blog reading, and some greek yogurt with frozen blueberries mixed in. I let Sydney lick the container as she was almost drooling while watching me slurp it up.

Then we went for a walk. Nothing unusual for most of our time out in the neighborhood until...Sydney sniffed something and then tried to roll in it. I quickly reined her in and thought all was fine. But I kept smelling poo. Big time. We were almost home so I thought, whatever, some dog must have poo'd really big smelly poo. As we got to our driveway, I looked down at Sydney's "smiling" face and there, on her back, was a big smear of poo! And it was on her foot. What the crap (literally)?! Why do dogs do that? I couldn't believe it. Now we have bath #2 all in one weekend. I was more than a little disgusted.

It's times like these that I really wonder why I have animals in the first place. They are dirty, they like to throw up on my rugs, which right now I don't have any because of said throwing up. Does any one know why they have to throw up on their beds or on rugs? I was going to post today about the things that make me happy since I was awarded a lovely Happiness 101 awared from Suzi and Anne h about how my pets make me HAPPY. Maybe later tonight I'll get my happy list going. Right now, I'm working on anger management ;)

Here's Sydney after her second bath in two days. I think she's still wondering if were okay. I told her I'm sorry for getting so mad at her for acting like a dog. She's very sensitive and all my cursing probably upset her. Sorry, girl, I'm only acting like a human :)

Hope your Monday got off without any mishaps. I'm going to go make me some decaf coffee and chill.


  1. Sydney looks appropriately chastened. Poo(r) puppy! And Tena too. But I must admit, I laughed.

    Hope your day gets less crappy!

  2. Well she looks really clean now :) Look at that face, who could stay too mad for too long? Hope your evening gets better.

  3. Poor Sydney...I mean, Tena. :)

    her expression says, "I'm in such deep poo, aren't I?"

  4. Dirty Dog!! :) I know what you mean about loving them and hating the mess...

    OMG I lived with roommates who had a beautiful lab that one day ate some tamp**s out of the bathroom garbage... then pooped one out in the backyard... was almost enough to put me off dogs... if I hadn't been laughing so HARD! hehehehehehe

  5. Poor dog! Look at that face! So cute!

  6. That face... those puppy*dog eyes...
    Happy happy happy!

  7. Last year, my hub and I and Buster went to visit his brother & wife. They are both very fastidious and OCD about cleanliness, and don't like dogs very much. At one point, we went for a ride in their brand new truck. When we stopped for lunch, I took B to take a pee in the designated "doggie" area. There was a big sign that said "CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG!"

    Well, apparently someone couldn't read, because they left a big POO, that I stepped in, and didn't realize it until I got in the NEW TRUCK…with POO all over my shoes! We were all riding down the road when we started to smell something bad, then we realized what it was. It was super embarrassing, and needless to say, hub's brother was pretty put out about it.

    I hate people that don't clean up after their dogs. But it made for a funny story after the fact. :)

  8. Haha! Sorry for giggling but my dog does that too and I know how you feel! It's her facial expression! So funny. Floss has that same look sometimes. Oh now I'm giggling again! :-D